Do you know what the person you like thinks about you?



Dear diary,

Today I saw him passing by way. I didn’t know what to do. I have been greeting him with smile but it felt awkward now. So, I looked the other way. Besides, he is the star footballer of the team. He’ll never notice the shy nerd like me.

I still remember the first day I saw him. It was chilly day. I and my friends were sitting in the library when he entered with his friends. He looked serious but had a small grin on his face when he saw his friends goofing around. They sat on the table across us. I turned my attention back to my book but couldn’t help glancing at him every minute.

I don’t know how to get him off my mind. I have been having hard time in Chemistry because he sits beside me. Every time I look at him, I find him doodling in his notebook. I must tell he is not good at it. Well, I get shivers whenever he asks me a doubt. I try to keep straight but in being so, I become rude to him, I think.

Also, I think he is going out Veronica, the popular girl. She is beautiful. I know I can never be like her.



Dear diary,

Today, I passed by the corridor and saw the pretty smart girl I usually sit with Chemistry class. I tried to smile at her but she looked away. Besides, I am just a guy who could score goals while she’s this pretty honors student. She’ll never like a guy like me.

I remember the day I first day I saw her. It was miserably cold outside so we thought we would sit in library for few minutes. It was warm inside but I didn’t know why everyone was so happy today. I hated winters and I had this huge fight that morning with dad. I pretended to be happy but when I saw her, it was magical. She was looking cute in those round specs with her bangs covering her forehead. I settled in the table across her. She was engrossed in her reading but whenever she looked up, I pretended to read the magazine.

I don’t know how to get her off my mind. When I sit beside her in Chemistry, I try to talk to her by pretending to get stupid doubts. But I think I disturb her a lot because she is becoming rude to me.

Last week, I was stuck on double date with Josh, his girlfriend, Briana and Veronica. Josh and Briana went in another booth while I and Veronica sat there in awkward silence.

Veronica is nice but…I don’t know why I wrote but. There shouldn’t be any but.



Dear diary,

I was sitting on the benches when I saw him practicing. I don’t know much about football but he was definitely good at it. The benches have become a perfect spot for me now. I sit here every day, watch him play. He jogged towards me. My heart was racing faster than ever. But he went to his bag and drank water from his bottle. He said hi to me before returning to the team. I wanted to answer back to him but it was like my lips were stick with glue. Wish I had the courage to talk to him…

Tell him that I really like.



Dear diary,

I saw her today sitting on the benches again. Josh joked about her but I controlled my urge to punch him. I excused myself to go to drink some water after scoring some goals. You can say that I was trying to impress her but I don’t think she looked up from her book to see me score.

When I jogged to the benches, my plan was to talk to her but suddenly, I went to my bag and started drinking water. I looked up at her and said hi. Then, words didn’t come out of my mouth. It was like I had forgotten how to speak. So, I ran back to team.

I don’t know if I would be ever be able to tell her that I really like her…



Dear diary,

Today I think I should write to you what I actually want to say to him. So here it goes…

Lenny, I know we haven’t really talked much but I just want to say I really like you. I love Chemistry classes because that is the only time I am near you. I like watching you and seeing you smile. Honestly, when you smile, I feel happy too. Okay, that was too cheesy.

I have your photograph but I need more than that. I need to know you, need to be around you. Before I saw you, I was okay but since the day I saw you, I keep thinking about you. Nothing matters to me more than the fact that I want to be with you.

I guess it is not that difficult to write. But why is it so hard to say? Every time I am near him. I start to shiver.



Dear diary,

Samantha Abrams, the girl who had been keeping me awake at nights. I don’t know how to say that to her that I really like her. I have started to love Chemistry classes because they gave me a reason just to be around her. I love watching her read in library. Yes, I spy on her in library.

I have her photograph from yearbook but I need a lot more than just that. I want to tell her that I have been thinking about her since the day I saw her. Nothing is more important for me that to be with her. I love when she is sitting on the benches reading and I watch her.

I guess she will never notice me and I would never have the courage to say that to her. I think I am falling for her.



Dear diary,

I wish to go out with him but he would never ask me…



Dear diary,

I wish to ask her out but she would never say yes…



Dear diary,

I saw him today. He looked sad. I have heard that he had been having some issues with his father. Actually, my father and his father are buddies. He comes to our place for watching games too.

I don’t what issues they are having but it saddens me to see him upset. I wish I could ask him what was wrong or at least pretend to be his friend. But we are not friends. We hardly talk in Chemistry too.

Do you know…he got a scholarship? I am happy for him. I hope it cheers him.



Dear diary,

Today, I received the scholarship letter. I didn’t wanted that which got me into a huge fight with dad.

Also, I want to talk to her but she seems busy with her work so I don’t disturb her. I thought we could at least be friends but deep down I know I don’t want to be just friends with her.

She seems worried about something. I hope she is okay.



Dear diary,

I will soon be going to city. It breaks my heart to leave my life here. And you know who I am going to miss the most…

The person I didn’t talk to straight. I can’t believe it I am saying this but I think…I don’t just like him.

I love him…

No, this can’t be. I am too young.



Dear diary,

I am getting out of this house. Finally! But what hurts the most is that I would be away from her now. I don’t know where she is going.

Sometimes, I imagine what would have happened if I had courage to ask her out? I think I will miss her the most. She had been the light in my life when I needed the most. Her smile would make my day. Watching her…I could do that all day. I think…

I love her.


Lenny and Samantha lived in two separate worlds and both wanted to come out of it to be with each other. They knew their paths will be separated as the studies will get over and they did.

Gradually, they forgot about each other and carried on with their lives until one day…


Samantha has come back to home after years. She was walking around the neighborhood when she came across his house. All the memories buried deep down came flashing back. She stepped on the porch with her heartbeat getting faster by minute. She didn’t knew he still had this effect on her, or even his thoughts made her feel butterflies in her stomach. She rang the doorbell. It looked an abandoned house. She walked around the house reliving the feelings she had when she used to cross his house.

Sitting on the front steps for minutes, she was going to head back home when she noticed a shiny lock under one of the wooden plank. She checked if no one was looking before getting a small book out. It was a black gray notebook with half of the pages eaten away by insects. Brushing of the dust, she opened the lock using her pin. Then, she started reading it.

It was like reliving every moment of her past life here but from his perception. She didn’t know how to react. He had the same feelings as hers for years and both of them never really confessed it. Going back in time, made her realize how important time was.

She came back to New York to her new life but brought his journal with her.


Another day, Samantha was walking down the streets when she saw him. He entered a coffee house. She followed him in and saw him waiting for someone. She walked over asking, “I hope I am not interrupting”

He looked up and their eyes met. He smiled seeing how perfect she looked. Nothing had changed about her. He shook his head saying, “No, I was just waiting for a friend. You can sit if you want”

She slid in the seat across his. She said, “Umm, actually, I wanted to say sorry”

He was confused, “For what?”

She took out the notebook from her bag saying, “For reading this. I know I was not supposed to read it”

He took the journal and flipped through pages. Realization struck him. She knows now. He closed the notebook and started tapping the edge. She asked, “May I ask something?”

He nodded not sure what she would ask. She leaned in, resting her elbows on table, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

He replied, “I guess because I feared that you would say no”

She laughed and took out another notebook from her bag. It was a purple covered small journal. She said giving it to him, “Read it, then we’ll be even”

He took it asking, “What would have been your answer?”

She smiled, “It is in this only”

Saying this, she left leaving her card on the table. He slid the card in his pocket and started reading the book.


“So, let me get this straight…you never really liked Chemistry?” she asked. He laughed, “Of course I hated it until it became my chance to sit with you”

She blushed. He took her hand saying, “You sat on benches for me?”

She nodded. He said, “All my life I thought I was nobody to you and wished to be somebody to you”

“How can you be nobody to me? I thought I was some random girl to you”

He shook his head, “You were never random. I used to think about ways to get you off my mind. Now that you are back, I don’t know if I want to get you out again”

She laughed, “Me too. I now want to see you every day. I also don’t want to lose you again.”

She entwined her finger with his.