The world revolves around certain axioms. Religion is one such axiomatic issue which has been passed down from generation to generation without being tampered with much. Myths and culture are a different call altogether, but religion pours in the aura of faith and honesty in many regards. Nonetheless, there are many non-religious pupils in the world and some of them even wish to stay inside their burrow of different beliefs.

Atheism is one such burrow. Atheism has been a part of our mythology for long, but it was never in the limelight, why? Simply because the non-atheists as we all know are the majority so would overpower them. Now there is a much shared view about the atheists in India. We all know that India is a secular country, well that is what our Constitution says, but according to the mentality which various Indians follow this secularism does not hold true in most cases.

Now for those of us who do not know what atheism exactly is- Atheism is no religion, it’s the belief that God does not exist, though many atheists would like to draw all the credit upon the Universal power which is unknown to all, but they believe that deities do not exist. One important agenda of the atheists are also this that they do not preach atheism. It is just your choice whether you follow atheism or want to follow the same, rather it is your belief which would compel you to make such choices. Thereby, an atheist does not expect others to manipulate them into theism. The principle of every atheist is- I follow this because I choose to do so, if you are willing to follow this, you are welcome, if not, I do not give you the right to explain to me why I also should not because that my friend is something I do not want to hear because I never ask you not to follow Your God!

India treats atheism as a mere disease. The orthodox Indians find their wards being atheists and pin it onto the child living next door, saying that the other child might have brainwashed their child into believing the same. But the one thing they never get is, a person does not get enough empirical evidence, or say, is a skeptic in some regards, or say, does not believe in someone who is not capable of being a God, whatever the reason, a person after a certain age is able to understand what to believe and what not to- so a person eventually chooses a side. That is all that an atheist does. The people around might not get it, but it is not necessary that they do have to get everything in life, but now comes the etiquette part, where they cannot disrespect someone’s faith, and so they cannot disrespect the faith of not having a faith on anything in particular.

Atheists are often regarded as arrogant and ignorant kind of people. Our society disrespects such people, well that is how they call this country secular!

Let us get down to scratch. When a child is born, is there a religion attached to it? No! An infant is free of all sorts of religious bounds. But as soon as the child is born the family members insanely start to categorize the child under some religion, thereafter as the child grows, they teach it to react to various religious rituals which they follow and some even teach their children to criticize the rest. Now should we encourage this or stop it- that is entirely our call.

Atheists are not aliens, they are just humans with different beliefs, different faiths and different paths to follow and that is all. There is no point in looking down upon them just because they do not have the same belief as we do.