Once upon a time there was a little village in the middle of nowhere. The villagers were happy and content with their lives until one day bandits attacked the village and took everything they had. The villagers had nothing left but life. The village chief decided to send his bravest warrior to find the bandits and bring back their stolen items. The warrior set out, and after several days of travel, he finally found the hideout of the bandits. 

 The warrior fought bravely against the bandits, but was outnumbered. Just when he thought he was losing the battle, a dragon appeared out of nowhere and blew fire at the bandits. The robbers got scared and ran away, leaving behind all the stolen goods. The warrior marveled at the dragon’s courage and thanked him for saving his life. The dragon told him that he had guarded the village for years and was fond of the people there. 

  From that day, the dragon became the protector of the village and flew over the village every day to make sure everyone was safe. The villagers were grateful to have such a powerful protector and often left food and treasures for the dragon. 

  Years passed and the village blossomed under the watchful eye of the dragon. The villagers never forgot how lucky they were to have such a powerful protector and often told stories of the dragon’s bravery. 

  And so the village lived happily ever after under the watchful eye of their protector, the dragon.