Once there lived a king named Chandra. His sons were fond of monkeys so they have a number of monkeys as their pets. These monkeys were lived in the royal palace and were treated as royal pets. They ate the food which they liked and they looked after by royal servants with the best care. The monkeys ate all the time and have nothing to did, so they got fatter and fatter.
The king of the monkeys was very wise and he was great philosopher and a learned monkey which have knowledge about many fields of science. He wanted to teach the other monkeys and whenever he tried to do so, he failed as they completely absorbed in their royal lives and did not want to learn anything.
The princes also had two well built rams (Billy goats), which were used by the princes to carry the carriage used by the princes. One of the rams was fond of food and whenever he got chance, he creeped into the kitchen and ate whatever he liked. This all made the cooks very angry even they kept a watch on him, he reached into the kitchen and destroyed all the food. The cooks would through anything they had in their hands to harm the ram whenever he would be near the kitchen.
On day the king of the monkey noticed the cooks who were trying to hit the ram with sticks, earthen pots, pans and anything else which they had in their hand. He began to thought, “Such type of behaviour of the cooks May leads to accidents one day and the entire palace may suffer for this. What if they threw some dangerous thing one day?
Thus the king of the monkeys immediately called the other monkeys and said, “Dears, the behaviour of the cooks towards the ram can lead to something bad one day and we may lose anything. So we have to find a way to get rid from such type of accident.”
He continued, “Let us leave this place as soon as possible, otherwise we have to face some accident.”
But the other monkeys did not want to go back to the jungle as they were enjoying the royal services there. So they refused to go away to the jungle and decided to stay there. They thought that the king was getting old and so he having all types of stupid thoughts in his mind.
But the king of the monkeys decided to leave alone. He said to them, “Stupids, you are all fools that you not predict the approaching danger. But I cannot stay there as I value my life more than the foods served here. I shall leave this place at this time.”
Thus the king of the monkeys had left to the jungle alone. After few days the ram entered into the kitchen and started to eat some food that was prepared for the king. When the cook saw him he got very angry and he threw a half burnt log from the oven in hurry. The log hit the ram and as the body of ram was covered with wool, it immediately caught fire. The ram cried in pain and wandered here and there. He reached the stable and within few moments the dry grass of stable caught fire and then the whole stable was caught fire.
A state of extreme confusion and disorder created there and by the time the fire was blow out by the workers the horses suffered great burnings. Within few moments when the news reached the king, he felt very disappointed as such thing had happened with his favourite horses. He immediately called the surgeons to prescribe him remedy.
As the veterinary surgeons approached there, they consulted many scriptures and said to the king, “Highness, the wounds of the horses were very serious and they recover fast if they applied with monkey’s fat.” 
Thus the king ordered his servants to catch all the pet monkeys and killed at once. Then the fat from their bodies were used to treat the horse’s wounds.
Within few days this news reached the king of the monkeys and as he heard the news he became very disappointed. He thought, “I know the monkeys were stupid not to pay attention to the warning but the king is heinous for doing this to his pets. It is totally wrong and I will make him pay for his evil actions.”
The king of the monkeys then left the food and water for many days as he was very disappointed. One day as he was moving in the jungle, he unknowingly reached a lake full of beautiful lotus. As he was very thirsty he decided to drink some water from the lake. As he approached near the lake, he noticed the footprints of both men and animals led to the lake but not a single footprint led away from the lake.
Thus he became very attentive and concluded there must be something wrong in this beautiful lake. He brought some hollow stem of the lotus and then used them as a pipe to drink water from a distance. While he was doing so, a monster appeared from the lake. He had a beautiful necklace around his neck. He warned, “I am a monster and I live in this lake. Whoever enters into this lake either to bath or drink water, ends up finally. But so many years, I have not seen anybody as wise as you. You drink the water from a distance where I cannot reach and touch you. I am very delighted with you and want to give you something whatever you want.”
Immediately the king of the monkey remembered that he wanted to take revenge. He said, “Tell me, how many can you eat? I have a king as my enemy and I want to take revenge from him. If you give me your necklace, I shall use it to convince the king and his servants to enter the lake.”
The monster agreed with him and said, “If they enter the lake I can eat all of them. Take this necklace and go ahead and bring as many you can.” Then the king of the monkey took the necklace from the monster and wore in his neck. He jumped tree to tree as fast as he can and reached the palace. He then went straight into the king’s court.
As soon as the king and the others saw the monkey wearing a beautiful necklace in his neck they became curious to know about it. They asked the king of the monkeys different types of questions.
The king of the monkeys said to the king, “O highness, while moving in the jungle, I reached near a large treasure that Kuber (God of treasures) has hidden. It is hidden inside the lake. And the positive thing is that when anyone take bath in the lake on a Sunday, can get the treasure as much as he want. I got this necklace from there and this is nothing as compare to the others present there. The diamonds and pearls are beyond the beauty.”
When the king heard this, he said, “Hey King of monkeys, if such lake really exist and please lead us to it. I want to see it with my own eyes and even take everybody in the palace with me.”
The king of monkeys agreed with the king and it was decided that they travel to the lake early morning of the next Sunday. As the day reached the king and the king of monkeys started to travel to the jungle and they were followed by ministers, servants, queens, princes and everybody else in the palace.
After some time as they reached the lake, everybody fascinated to see the beauty of the lake that was full of beautiful lotus. Then the king of the monkeys said, “Everybody should enter the lake at the same time to get the blessings if you do not do so then only the first few will receive the blessings. My king, you should wait for some time, till they all entered the lake. Then I will show you a special place to enter the lake.”
The king and everybody agreed with him and followed the instructions as he instructed. They started to enter into the lake and then one by one started to disappear. The king kept waiting outside for them to return with the treasures.
After a long time when the peoples did not return from the lake, the king get worried and asked the monkey, “O king of monkeys, why do they not return from the lake? What happening there? Why is it they take too much time?
Suddenly the king of the monkeys climbed up to the top of a tree and replied, “O evil king, the reality is that a monster lives in this lake that has eaten all your person. I have now killed all your family, as you have killed all my monkeys. Now I take revenge from you and the holy books say, it is not a crime to return evil for evil deeds.”
The king of the monkeys continued, “O king, I saved you from the monster. Now you may return the palace empty-handed and all alone.
As the king heard this he got very disappointed but he could not do anything now, so he returned to his palace after losing all his family and all people. And the king of the monkeys had his revenge.

The wise indeed say:

Greed surely brings disaster and destruction in the end.