The guide said, “This entire establishment is divided into two parts. One is with the restaurants and other is with the entire view of Paris. The construction and beauty of this establishment rises to its peak only at night.”

Sushma was so excited to see everything. This was the first time for her to see all those things. She wanted to roam the whole world from her childhood itself. Now she is travelling in Europe. She came to Paris with her husband Suresh. Since he got transfer to London City Bank they both were truly happy.

“The whole glittering city of Paris, smell of love and artists roaming around will make you feel like you are standing at the most beautiful place on the earth. The flags of various countries and their distances from there are mentioned here which is truly amazing to see.” The guide continued. One of the group members Rahul asked, “Hey what is the speciality of this tower. Why is it a monument which is one of the most important in the world?” The guide promptly replied, “The tower is nearly 325 metres of height and this is the tallest structure in Paris. It has a square base which is of 125 metres. It was one of the tallest structures in the world now which is surpassed by varied constructions in the world, majorly in Dubai, Singapore constructions.”

A small girl Simran said, “Yesss…yess Burj-Al-Arab is now one of the tallest buildings in the world. That is in Dubai.” The guide replied, “Yes dear it is!” Further she asked, “Why there are so many artists around this building?” The guide John wondered her observation skills and replied, “It is so nice that you observed the same….This is called as city of arts. Here you will find many people just sketching, painting and making things which are truly different and phenomenal. People will play various instruments and other things which are related to artistic things. They indulge themselves in that happiness.”

“Now you all should go and take rest. You all have to gather at the base of the tower at night. So that we all will be able to do some activities and enjoy the Paris time to its maximum. I admire the Gustav Eiffel’s efforts and dedication. The amount of calculations and engineering he had to do is a herculean task. So the world admires the building and its surroundings”, guide said. Following that voice people got dispersed and they went to various areas around the tower. Few of them went to Warsaw fountain, few went to the restaurants nearby and remaining went to take rest.

At night the city was shinning bright like a diamond. Looking at that view everyone was laughing, few females started crying due to the amount of happiness they are feeling was phenomenal. There were music around, games and fun life was there. People were enjoying to the highest extent. The guide exclaimed, “People! Just enjoy and make your lives better than ever. This is the place where the breath of serenity I get and I guess you all will too. So just enjoy and please make sure you all will gather here at 1 am maximum. Thank you all!!”