Tour guide John and people where travelling from their buses. The next destination is the Disney Land of Paris. The most fun part of it is that it can be enjoyed by the people of any group. So the tours and travels company gave two more guides so that people don’t get scattered and lost in the campus.

As they reached to the destination the guide started explaining, “This is an announcement for all the buses. The populace is divided with their guides and we will take the ride of the things one by one. Wonderful campus of Disney Land is divided into 4 sections. Those are Discovery, Adventure, Fairy and Treasure sections respectively. Discovery section is for space and rides related to the outer world. Adventure land is made up of pirate ships, movie themes of pirates and other adventurous things. Fairy section is calm and cool, simple rides and mazes are there. For females who love fairies they love to venture their castles. Princess Parade is the chief attraction of this part and people take an attire of those princesses and join the parade. Treasure search and related things, Alladin and boating are also there.”

Small kids where so excited that they never imagined so many things at one single place. Sonali asked John, “Guide uncle, who built this campus? It is so beautiful and everywhere people are smiling and dancing.” John replied, “Walt Disney and the team had this idea of building the theme park. This is basic construction which is done by several adroit architects.” Simran asked, “Uncle …uncle what is the meaning of adroit?” John smiled and replied, “It means highly skilled my dear. These things and their construction require tremendous knowledge and efforts. Only few chosen ones can do the same.”

Everyone was so happy that they were unable to express. Rahul said, “Let’s go to the Discovery section first. Please please…..I want to observe what is there and what is not there!” All of them went in that direction only. The magic of the Disney land groped them all and further and further they all went into it. All the guides were handling their groups nicely. People were very enthusiastic and eager to get into the things.

Everyone was enjoying the rides. Few of them were scared of those rides but they also joined the people only when they came to know that those ones are the most amazing part of that campus. Many girls went to the fairy section with their parents after taking permissions from the guides. They enjoyed the parade, the entire getup and every girl in the group even the women also took part into the same. It was a phenomenal experience for all. At night everyone was totally exhausted when they came back at the point where they all started. The guide counted all the people sitting and asked one question only, “How was the day for all?” The stunned silence and people sleeping nicely gave the answer required.