Because Once Upon A Time and Forever After’s do exist.


The big day had finally come. All preparations and hard work that she had been doing since the last 10 days would finally pay off. She recalled asking Rishabh, Mr. Chauhan’s son about his colour, cake, cartoon, food and game preferences. She remembered how he got so close to her and told her about his mom’s death. She summoned up in mind how she had brought her kids to Mr. Chauhan’s house that played with Rishabh while she worked on the event. But most of all, she knew she was going to miss having evening tea talks with Mr. Chauhan.

Was it right to have feelings for a man after you have had a divorce? Was it appropriate for a mother of two kids to feel for a man who wasn’t their dad? Was it correct for a woman her age to fall in love with a man she just met? She did remember Mr. Chauhan tightening his grip on her hand when she narrated to him about her life tragedy. Did the same current spark him that flew through her skin?

How were two souls who didn’t even know that the other exists a few days back, able to speak their heart out in front of each other without feeling bare?

She recalled Mr. Chauhan dropping her and her kid’s home whenever she would get late and treat her children to ice cream. They were both similar in their situations. Both of them were in need of love, wanted love, cherished love but had lost it.

She would give anything to relive the day when Mr. Chauhan had come to her house to drop off the kids along with her and had to carry Tushar and tug him into bed as he had slept in the car. Both of her kids were living their dreams. Advika asked him if he would like to have coffee and was happy to be on the receiving side of a yes as that would mean that she would get a little more time to spend with him and could steal a few more glances. After taking his last sip, Mr. Chauhan handed the mug in Advika’s hand and thanked her. She was about to shut the door when all of a sudden he pushed it open, grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. His lips gently landed on hers while he tugged open the clip on her hair. What followed that night was something she had never experienced even with her husband.

The party was a hit and Rishabh’s happiness knew no bounds. He thanked his dad and Advika and gave her a sweet peck on her cheek. Advika had indeed proved her worth. “So, this is it?” asked Advika holding her hand out to Mr. Chauhan. But once he held her hand he was sure never to let go of it. But what about the neighbours?  Friend’s? Family? Kids? As long as you have a shoulder to lean onto by your side, you are capable of holding and bearing anything that pressurizingly rests on it. Advika knew that this was a love she was certainly going to cling on to!