Chapter 1


It all begins from right here when Mr. Fuller the investigating detective at the murder scene saw an eerie looking man staring right at him from the other side of the road wearing long black overcoat, a black hat and glairs covering his eyes. Mr. Fuller was surprised when he saw the man disappear into thin air over the corner. Suddenly he experienced a hard painful hit on the left side of his face and immediately woke up to a bleeding nose with his face on the floor lying next to his messed up bed early morning. He had seen the exact same dream quite a few times over the last couple of days. He knew having the same dream almost every night is not just coincidence, it meant something but unable to figure out inspite of rattling out his brains he continued his normal daily routine and forgot all about it. Mr. Fuller has been very peculiar and observant about the things happening around him and he considered this habit responsible for all the weird dreams he had been seeing lately, though he was never very sure. It’s all the stress that you have which is responsible for all of this, told Ms. Maddy the psychiatrist that Mr. Fuller had been consulting from the last couple of days. Completely ignoring her he left the clinic to go to his office in hope that it would help him divert his mind to more meaningful and sensible activities. It has never been this tough for him to inflate from an absurd dream as it was today. He was not able to concentrate on his work despite of many failed attempts. The face of the black hatted man appeared again and again in front of his eyes distracting him every time he tried to concentrate. Accepting his failure he decided to leave and go home to get some nap in a hope that it will help.

The next morning he woke up with a severe headache but was relaxed as he has not seen any dream the previous night. Nevertheless there was enough content in the newspaper to scare him. A murder at 12th street was the headline, reading further sent chills down to Mr. Fuller’s spine, he had goosebumps and could not believe what he read. The murder at the 12th street took place in the exact same manner as he saw it in the dream. Moreover it also stated that the body has been discovered approximately five days after the murder, the exact same day from when Mr. Fuller started to see these dreams. One thing he knew for sure that they weren’t just absurd dreams, they had meaning, but was it trying to say something to him or was it just over-active imagination of him? This was what he had to find out. Tune in for the next episode of this mystery to find out further about the turn of events, the un-discovered mysteries, the facts and much more.