It was the last day of work before the curfew started due to the new COVID-19 protocol. It was said to be for a week, and we rushed all day to finish a week worth of work in a day or two. Of course, it had been very unrealistic of us to assume so. How long would it take for you to arrive? It may take a while, I will certainly be there.I put the phone down after consoling my parents, not knowing how I could reach home as it was already past midnight. It took me another hour to wrap everything up. I wondered if I should go home early in the morning or become a night wanderer. As I was taking a walk outside the premises, I saw a man trying to unlock a bicycle. It looked suspicious, however I did not indulge as it was very dark and seemed quite unsafe. I kept contemplating whether I should wait here till dawn. It started pouring unexpectedly, and I stood there in despair without an umbrella. As I was about to go back inside, the man came running where I was standing and gave me a warm smile. I smiled a little hesitantly and moved away. The silence was filled with the pouring rain. I was prepared to run for my life whenever any inconvenience could occur. “Do you live nearby?” He asked. Moderately close. How far do you live? I live around 2 miles away, so I often use the bike as it is good cardio.I nodded and waited impatiently for the rain to wait. “It is not raining as much anymore. Do you want me to walk you home?” He asked again. I wondered if it would be safe or if I should wait a few more hours. There must be something in the morning because it assumed it was not quite possible that the world would stop. Another hour passed by, he waited. Now that I think about it, he was rather kind to my sceptical behaviour. “Would you be comfortable walking me home? Are you certain it would be inconvenient for you to reach home?”, I asked with moderate guilt in my heart. He smiled and proceeded with his bike and indicated I would start walking too. The streets were so empty as the world had come across an apocalypse. We biked a little and walked a little. In those moments, it felt like there was no one any more except him and I. “Do you not feel like it is just you and I are on the face of this earth?”, He said at the exact moment. I wondered if my face completely reflected my thoughts, or if we were meant to be. I tend to romanticize a lot, the trees, the sky, the people and the connections. It felt right to do so there. I smiled at him and matched his pace of walk. He was walking rather slowly, explaining how it saved energy if we had to walk longer. We hummed different music that came to our mind and danced all along. I was rather disheartened to reach home so soon. I thanked him. I wanted to ask if he would like to keep in touch, but by that he turned around to be on his merry way. I romanticize everything, however I never had the  courage.