I tripped over someone’s leg.


They ignored me.

Nothing unexpected.

In this world where people who didn’t get their cheek mark yet are considered useless.

What is cheek mark??

God! You are more useless than me.

Cheek mark is that mark which you get before 18 years of age if and only if you have realised your soul power and i haven’t realised my power till now.

Presenting before you the black sheep of the famous Johnson family….

Amelia Johnson, 19 years.

Yeah… My eldest brother Devin’s power is earth power. My younger sister Ariella’s power is water power. My mother and father are both fire users.

And me I still didn’t get any tattoo on my face which means my powers are either non-existent or that one possibility which shouldn’t be true….

I bump into someone again. All my books fall down.


I kneel down to pick up all my books not even expecting any help from Mr. Bumper.

“I am really really sorry. Let me help you, wait.” Mr Bumper said bending down to pick up my books.

Okay! This is new.

“It’s okay…..” I whispered hiding my face behind my blonde wavy hair.

“Nope, its totally my fault. You fell because of me. The least I can do is take your books to your class.” He said picking up my books.

“Seriously, It’s alright.” I grimaced.

Why isn’t he leaving?? I don’t want any—–

And at that moment I looked at his face.

Big mistake.

He is really handsome. Dark black messed up hair, body worth drooling, a bit of beard grazing his chin and jawline. His cheek had a red tattoo of a lion…. I guess that was it.

That meant he is a fire user.

I was busy gaping at him when he smirked.

“I know I am handsome but there is no need to drool like that.”

My ears and cheeks boiled…

That meant my ears and cheeks got red.

That meant I had to leave ASAP before I embarrassed myself further.

“I-I-I need to go to my class. Thank you for help.” I blabbered and rushed off towards my class.

My ears were becoming too hot cutting off most of the sound. I didn’t know if he called me back or something but leave it.

Focus on the class.

This college accepts each and every student irrespective of their soul power or if they haven’t realised their powers yet.

You think it’s good??


Because even if the college is doing a good deed, the students are all jerks here.

“Hey, she hasn’t realised her powers yet.” A boy laughed pointing at me.

I rolled my eyes and checked my schedule.

First class is fire class.

Ugh! I just hope I don’t run into Mr. Bumper again.


  1. Aishwarya Srivastava

    This story is about a girl named Amelia Johnson who feels that she doesn’t fit into her “powerful” family and the society in general. I liked how this story has a fantasy element that everyone gets a “cheek mark” corresponding to one of the 5 elements that they draw their powers from. They get those cheek tattoos once they realise their “soul power”. However, Amelia feels left out and rather “useless” as she hasn’t realised her power yet. She also mentioned about how her parents are fire users, her brother is water while her younger sister is an earth user. So this whole backdrop of the fantasy seems interesting but however, the story heads towards a rather cliché meeting of the leads. Amelia seems to be your typical novel girl who can be deemed as a hopeless romantic. While walking across her college hallway on her way to her class, she clumsily drops her books (just like the most of the female protagonists!) And it doesn’t just end there, she also bumps into her potential love interest who is revealed to be very handsome as well. Damn Amelia! Nothing to be surprised here as she gives him a nickname already “Mr. Bumper” which is kind of cute honestly, but nothing we haven’t read already in hundreds of romance novels. She doesn’t expect him to help her but he exhibits gentleman behaviour and helps her pick her books up, much to her suprise and amusement. The two then share an eye contact, to which he replies that he knows that he’s handsome but there’s no need to drool over him. Amelia’s cheeks are flushed and she fled the scene to avoid any further embarrassment. In the class, she is mocked at for not realising her powers yet which is sort of an everyday tolerance for her.
    In my opinion, the author could’ve done a lot better here in terms of describing their first encounter rather than plotting an orthodox and very typical first meet scene. It could have been more unique to keep the readers hooked and feel like, “Wow this is something new, I can’t wait to read further” It started on a rather intriguing note with all those fresh, fantasy elements but somehow didn’t lead up to that great start. However, the end seemed pretty exhilarating as Amelia finds out that her first class is the “fire class” and after that embarassing scene with Mr.Bumper who is also a “fire user”, she hopes that she doesn’t have to face him again in this class. Its going to be one awkward moment for Amelia if the hottie Mr. Bumper walks in! And what’s his name? We can’t wait to find out.