Little Avni was devastated by the loss of her beloved dog, Kiko.

She missed him so much that she was so sad that she did not come to dinner and she went to bed without eating. But then something very strange happened in the middle of the night and Avni woke up hearing a loud and strange noise.

She is soon shocked to hear Kiko barking from her restroom. Frightened, she slowly approached the restroom. Now the barking has stopped. Avni opened the restroom door with trembling hands. Kiko barked again. Shortly after, she heard a strange voice. “Don’t be afraid, Avni, it’s me, your friend Kiko.” Avni was shocked to hear this and asked in a trembling voice. “You’re Kiko’s ghost, how can you talk?”

“I really don’t know who I am. Believe me, go to the restroom and close it from the inside so you can see me,” the voice replied. For some reason Avni dared to enter the restroom. As soon as she closed her door, she found herself in a completely different world. Everything there was very beautiful and made of flowers I had never seen before. “I am in paradise!” cried Avni.

“Maybe so, but we call them good people,” replied the boy behind her. “Who are you now? asked Avni. “I am Kiko, dear Avni,” replied the boy. “How can you be my Kiko? He was a dog,” she asked. “No, it’s really me, now I’m a boy, so I can talk to you, you know, dogs bark, they can’t talk,” Boy smiles like heaven answered. But Avni was still not convinced. She said, “I can’t believe it, if you were Kiko, tell me what was Kiko’s favorite toy.” “That’s your bag, dear,” Kiko replied. “Oh my God! It’s really you, Kiko, my Kiko,” cried Avni excitedly. “Now you know,” Kiko replied, “I’ll take you to a special place, come with me.” Avni started chasing him, but was quickly stopped. “I know it’s my Kiko, but I still miss the real Kiko, my dog,” Avni said. “Oh, so I have to be a dog again, okay, cover your eyes with your hands, I’m a little embarrassed,” said Kiko. “I closed my eyes, can I see you now?” Avni asked after a moment. “No, wait, it’s happening,” Kiko replied, but this time in a strange dog-like voice.

“I can’t wait any longer, can I open my eyes?” Avni barely stopped looking. “Baby wake up, you’re late for school.” Avni opened her eyes as soon as she heard her mother’s voice and found herself on the bed. “Was it all just a dream?” she wondered. Avni got up, went to the restroom and closed it, but nothing happened this time. “This was all a wonderful dream,” thought Avni sadly, closing the restroom’s door and leaving the room. But soon the cupboard opened of its own accord, and a package fell out of her purse, revealing a piece of paper with the words “Tonight” written on it.

Avni smiled.