The world was substantially different from the one we live in now in the year 2100. The majority of people resided in enormous cities with high skyscrapers that appeared to defy gravity. Massive clean energy reactors that produced electricity with nearly little pollutants powered these cities.

Not everyone, however, was happy with this orderly and effective future. A team of scientists who had been working on a covert project for years finally achieved success.

They had figured out how to use the power of black holes.

Only a small group of people were given access to the project, which was kept completely secret. The potential of this energy, which they realised could power entire cities without the need for any additional energy sources, astounded the experts.They laboured assiduously to construct a working prototype of an energy reactor that might utilise the tremendous power of a black hole. At last, it was finished. The activation of the reactor was a significant event. Government representatives and scientists from all over the world had gathered to see the historic occasion There was a countdown. Nine, eight, and tenA black hole started to grow at the reactor’s centre as it started to hum. The officials were overjoyed and the energy output was outstanding

But as the minutes passed, odd things started to happen. The black hole began to expand, initially gradually but then increasingly quickl

The scientists realised what they had done in horror. There was no way to escape the black hole they had let loose on Earth and  impossible to stop it.

The black hole kept expanding and ate everything in its path. Cities were completely eaten up, and the globe quickly descended into a dead wasteland.

The Earth was left with a single, enormous black hole as a memorial to human hubris and a warning to future generations because the scientists who had built the reactor were long dead.