This is the story of a girl called “pihu”. this is like her personal diary through we can know about her life.  

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Pihu’s parents decided to call Alex the investigating officer because they have contacted him earlier. He is the only person whom they know in the police department. So pihu’s parents spoke to Alex.

Pihu’s parents: hello Mr. Alex?

Alex: yes, who is this?

Pihu’s parents: sir, I have speaked with you earlier regarding the robbery incident.

Alex: yes, now I remember, tell me what’s the issue now?

Pihu’s parents: they explained about Sonia’s kidnapping incident.

Alex: ok, don’t worry. I’ll come to your home within 10 minutes and we can discuss the rest of the things

Pihu’s parents: ok sir, we will be waiting for you.

Pihu’s Home

Sonia’s Parent: They are crying. Sonia where are you baby? It’s our mistake. We should have wait till morning.

Pihu: aunty please don’t cry

Pihu’s parents: pihu is younger than all of us. If she is hopeful about Sonia then we the elders shouldn’t cry. Please remember we should face this situation boldly.

Few minutes later….

Alex: hello everyone, I am Alex, the investigating officer.

Pihu: hello sir

Alex: let me clear my doubts first. Do you suspect anyone regarding this kidnapping incident?

Sonia’s parents: yesterday we came here for pihu’s birthday party. Today our daughter has been kidnapped.  We lost hope in god.

Alex: please sir, don’t lose hope. I’ll assure you that your daughter will speak with you within 24 hours in the same house.

Sonia’s parents: please sir, please save my daughter

Alex: please calm down.  I will repeat my question. Do you suspect anyone regarding this kidnapping incident? Even a small clue will help us to move towards the culprit.

Pihu: sir, I am suspecting a person.

Alex: do you remember the face of the suspected person?

Pihu: yes sir, I remember well

Alex: then please come to my office and describe exactly how the person will look. Our sketch artist will draw a picture of that person and this will help us to proceed further.

Pihu: sir, no need for that because I have his photo in my phone

Pihu: pihu explained the shopping mall incident and about the flowers which were kept near their main door. She also said about the stalker who followed her when she returns from the park

Everyone got shocked.

On hearing this Sonia’s parents shouted at pihu.

Sonia’s parents: pihu, how can you hide these incidents to us? If you said this before we could be more careful and we never leave Sonia in your home?

Pihu’s parents: please come own. Pihu already said about these incidents to me except the shopping mall. Pihu why you didn’t said about this man?

Pihu: Sonia and I thought if we said about the person who has followed us in the shopping mall then you may not send us for college or anywhere outside.

So we both didn’t reveal to you. Moreover I already said about the stalker to mom. She was shocked already. So I thought we should not make her worried by saying about the shopping mall incident.

Sonia’s parents: you both the girls are stupid. It’s our fault that we have left Sonia in your home pihu.

Pihu: aunty, it’s not my mistake. Nowadays the girls are facing the troubles like this everywhere. So we thought it’s not a big issue.

Alex: ok, I’ll handle this in my way. Miss pihu, please give me Sonia’s phone number.

Pihu: Sir, this is her number, Sir Sonia is a soft natured girl. Please try to save her as soon as possible.

Alex: sure, it’s my duty.

Within few minutes Alex gave instructions to his assistants to check the CCTV footage of the nearby house. So the car number can be traced.

After 30 minutes, an officer approached Alex and said the house which is at the end of this street has CCTV footage of that car which has kidnapped Sonia.

Alex: wonderful. Now we can track him easily. Alex gave the necessary instructions to trace the last location of the kidnapper through Sonia’s phone. Then he instructed the police officers to check the CCTV footage of the tollgate so they can locate the kidnappers’ current location.

After giving these instructions through phone Alex said that he will be back with Sonia at the end of this day. After seeing his confidence and his instructions to trap the culprit Sonia’s parents feel that their daughter will come back safely.

None of them have their breakfast and lunch. Pihu knew that her aunt and uncle are diabetic patients. So she has prepared oats, bread toast and served to them. Initially they refused to eat. But pihu said they should be strong to face this situation and should not be ill when Sonia returns.

Pihu tried to console everyone but she was worried. They all are waiting for a positive call from Alex.

  1. OO P.M at Pihu’s Home

The door bell rings, when everyone was waiting for a phone call from Alex.

Who will be in the other end??? Pihu started to move towards the door.

When she opened the door she couldn’t believe what she is seeing. Pihu cried loudly. On seeing pihu’s reaction the other members in the house got tensed and rushed towards the main door. There they saw Sonia with Alex.

Pihu: Sonia, Sonia….

Sonia: pihu, Sonia cried a lot.

Within an hour everyone in pihu’s home came back to their normal state of mind.

Sonia’s parents and pihu’s parents thanked Alex and invited him to come for a dinner at their home tomorrow. So Alex also said ok because he wants to share some information with them.

The next day morning…..

Pihu: mom, we should celebrate this occasion. What do you say?

Pihu’s mom: sure pihu. We will celebrate in the evening and we should inform to our friends and relatives about Sonia. They would also wish to meet her.

Pihu: ok mom. I’ll make some arrangements for the evening celebrations.

Evening Party at pihu’s Home

Almost her house has been occupied fully by their friends and relatives. Everyone wants to see Sonia and they would like to know what happened to her.

But Sonia said she wants to forget the incidents and requested everyone not to ask questions related with the kidnapping incident. The party lasted for more than 2 hours.

Pihu: Pihu asked Sonia to take rest if she cannot sit there.

Sonia: But Sonia said its ok pihu. I’ll manage and moreover our friends and relatives have come here to talk to me. They love me a lot. If I miss this occasion then it would become difficult for us to see all our family members together like this.

Pihu: then it’s your wish Sonia. But don’t strain yourself.

Their relatives and friends leave for their home. Pihu was standing near the main door and she was waiting for someone.

Pihu’s mom: pihu, what are you doing? Come here and help me to serve the food baby.

Pihu: just few minutes mommy. He will come.

Pihu’s mom: who?

Pihu: Alex sir.

Pihu’s mom: pihu, he is a busy man. We have invited him for dinner but we cannot say whether he will come or not?

Pihu: no mom. He will definitely come.

Pihu’s mom: ok let us hope.

30 minutes later the door bell rings

Pihu: mom, I think Mr. Alex has came

Pihu’s mom: really, I couldn’t believe. Then they requested Alex to join with them for the dinner.

Alex: actually I want to share something with you all. That’s why I came here.

Everyone was eager to know that. So Alex said Ms. Pihu and her family should come to our office after two days.

Pihu: so pihu asked why?

Alex: I have consulted with rest of the officers and we have decided to honor Pihu. She should receive a medal from us.

Pihu: she got surprised. Sir, I didn’t achieve anything.

Alex: Miss. Pihu, you have helped our police department by providing the photo of the culprit.  Without your help it may not be possible for us to trace the kidnapper.

Pihu: sir, I didn’t know he is the kidnapper.

Alex: I know that. But the man who has followed you in the shopping mall is the culprit. He has followed you for a long time. He also confessed that he only kept the flowers in your main door. He followed pihu initially. Later when Sonia came to this house, he noticed Sonia. He followed you both and he knows very well about your routine plan.

Sonia’s parents: but how did he know that we have planned to send a car for Sonia the next day of pihu’s birthday?

Alex: it’s your mistake. As per his routine plan he has followed both Sonia and pihu. He is watching you all from the shop near to your home. When Sonia’s parents leave the home he came near to your car to listen your conversation. But you failed to notice that.

Sonia’s parents said they will sent a car tomorrow morning at 7.OO A.M. So he decided to use that opportunity. Before you sent the car he had came here and Sonia didn’t saw the face of the driver. If Sonia noticed him before she enters into the car she would have remember that the driver is the same person who has followed her in the shopping mall.

Sonia’s Parents: oh my god. Just because of our fault, Sonia has been kidnapped. My dear Sonia, we are sorry. They started to cry.

Alex: please calm down. It’s a warning for you. You should not reveal your plans in front of others.

Sonia’s Parents: sir, but what was his motive?

Alex: he is saying that he was in love with pihu. So he has sent flowers before. But after seeing Sonia he has changed his mind and started to love her. He is a poor guy and searching a job now. As he couldn’t find a job he decided to kidnap Sonia. He thought he will get money by kidnapping Sonia.

But all his plans didn’t work just because of pihu. Pihu did a good job by taking his photo when he is following them in the shopping mall.

Both Sonia and her parents thanked pihu for that. But pihu said if they have filed a complaint about this person already he may not get a chance to kidnap Sonia.

Alex: ok leave it. Hereafter don’t hesitate to seek the help of the police whenever you are in trouble.

Pihu: sir, I think I don’t deserve the honor. Sonia is my cousin and it’s my responsibility to save Sonia.

Alex: miss. Pihu, I want to thank you not only for this incident but also for the clue you gave me earlier in the robbery case. You only told me that you have seen robin, the man with black face mask in both the robbery incident and also during the fire tragedy. So we can able to come to a conclusion that robin and his group was involved in both the cases.

Pihu: ok sir, if you insist then I’ll come with my family.

Alex: Ok. Thank you for the dinner.

After a week

Pihu at the College

Pihu: hi friends how are you?

Tia: we are fine but we are angry with you.

Pihu: why? I don’t think I have done any mistake.

Reena: you did a big mistake.

Clara: yes I agree with reena

Pihu: please tell me what I did? I couldn’t understand anything?

Reena: why you didn’t share us about the honor you have received from the police department

Pihu: I didn’t consider it as an achievement. Moreover Sonia is my cousin. It’s my responsibility to do anything for her.

Tia: anyhow we are happy now.


After the kidnapping incident pihu or Sonia didn’t face any troubles in their life. Both are busy in their studies. Pihu had accepted abhishek’s love at the end of first year. Both want to maintain their love relationship secretly. Pihu insisted abhishek not to reveal about their love in front of their friends or family till they finish graduation.

There are unwritten pages on pihu’s personal diary. We should wait till she shares her memories with the dairy.

—————————————Pihu’s Personal Diary-Part1 End———————–