This is the story of a girl called “pihu”. this is like her personal diary through we can know about her life.  

Day8, at the College

The events to welcome the new students have been started in the college. Pihu was practicing for the past couple of days. Today the students will showcase their dancing skills. As pihu was a trained Kathak dancer, she is confident that she can perform well.

She entered the college carrying two bags. So her friends noticed and asked, pihu why are you holding two bags?

Pihu: my dress for the Kathak dance is in the second bag.

Clara: oh, that’s great. Do you know we have to be present in the class only for 2 hours? Then we can start rehearsing for our dance competition.

Pihu: is it? How did you know that?

Clara:  just now our professor informed us.

Pihu: ok. That’s good.

Preethi: hey look at there. Reena is coming

Reena: Hi, girls…

Pihu: hi, reena. You are looking so happy today. Is there any special reason?

Reena: yes pihu. Today I am going to dance for my favorite song.

Preethi: what is there to get excited? Every one of us is going to dance for our favorite song.

Reena: no preethi, I am going to dance for a song which is a favorite song for my special person abhishek.


Clara: how do you know that?

Reena: as soon as the competition was announced I gave a list of songs to abhishek and asked him to choose one from the list. So I am going to dance for his favorite song.

Pihu: why are you doing like this?

Reena: just to impress abhishek.

Pihu: he is also interested in you?

Reena: as far as now he is behaving like a friend. But soon I will tell I am in love with him.

Preethi, Clara, pihu were surprised to know that she will propose him first.

Preethi: reena, boys should propose the girl.

Reena: who said that? There is no rule like only boys should propose the girls. I am just waiting for the right time. Then I will tell about my feelings.

After hearing this, her friends feel that reena is confident about her decisions. Couple of hours later, they got some time to rehearse for their dance competition.

The girls gathered in a room and started rehearsing for their songs. Pihu was also there.  After few minutes reena said she couldn’t concentrate in her song because more number of girls was there in the room. So she said she was going to a separate room.

Few minutes later, pihu noticed that someone was near the window. So she went there to see who is watching them. She got surprised that it was abhishek. But he moved from the place suddenly. So pihu went near the window where abhishek was standing. She wants to know “whom he was seeing”.

Pihu was shocked to know that abhishek was watching her dance as he could view only pihu from the window and not the other girls.

Oh god, what happened to him? I thought he is just a friend to me. But now I think he likes me and so he is behaving like this.

If reena know about this how she will react? Pihu was worried about reena as she knows reena is in love with abhishek.

Will abhishek propose pihu?

The Dance competition started. Pihu was the last contestant. Everyone performed very well and pihu has to perform few minutes later. At that time, one of her classmate gave a greeting card to pihu and said that abhishek has instructed to give the card to pihu.  So pihu said thank you to the girl. Then she opened the card.

It is a musical card and as soon as she opened the greeting card she could hear the music wishing all the best. Inside the card, abhishek wished her that she will perform well. Pihu smiled as she was impressed by abhishek. But it only lasted for few minutes. She remembers that reena is in love with abhishek.

Pihu can hear that her name has been announced and she should move to the dance stage now. As soon as she entered the hall everyone in the hall looked at her and they were surprised. She is the only girl who is in a traditional Kathak costume. She started dancing and the students were mesmerized by her dance.

The students who are all gathered in the dance hall were initially bored by the competition as all the contestants performed for filmy songs. Pihu was the only girl who danced for a Kathak song.

Pihu’s song was over. She knew that she has performed well and the students stood up and clapped their hands for a minute.  So she was feeling so happy. She thought the 4 years which she had spent for learning Kathak helped her.

Few minutes later pihu’s friend’s preethi, Clara and reena came near to pihu to congratulate for her performance.

Preethi: Hey, pihu it was a wonderful performance.

Reena: pihu, seriously I didn’t expect this from you. It was a great performance.

Clara: Awesome pihu.

Pihu:  thank you girls, this is too much. I just performed what I have learned from my guru ji.

Clara: after seeing your dance I also want to learn Kathak.

Pihu: oh, that’s great Clara, we both will learn.

Reena asked pihu, how was my dance?

Pihu: that was a super performance reena. You have performed like a professional dancer.

Reena: thank you. Abhishek also feels the same.

Pihu thinks that she and abhishek are thinking alike. But she didn’t reveal the greeting card incident to reena.

When pihu was going to her home she met abhishek on the way.

Abhishek: hi, pihu.

Pihu: Abhishek, what a surprise. So your home is in this street, right?

Abhishek: no pihu. I just want to talk with you. So I am here.

Pihu: so she got tensed. What’s the matter abhishek?

Abhishek: you have danced wonderfully pihu. I didn’t saw a girl dancing so gracefully like you.

Pihu: thank you. It means a lot.

Abhishek: both smiled at each other and didn’t know what to speak next.

Pihu:  so pihu thought that this was the right time to ask about reena. She wants to know what abhishek feels about reena.

Pihu: did you saw reena’s dance. She has also danced well. What do you think about her?

Abhishek:  yes she danced very well and she is one of a good friend of me. But I don’t think reena danced better than you.

Pihu: after hearing these words, pihu was shocked that he consider reena only as a friend and he likes pihu than reena. She thought what would be reena’s reaction if she knows that abhishek likes pihu.

Abhishek: pihu I will wait for you every day morning in this place. We will go together for the college.

Pihu: thank you, I think I have put you in trouble.

Abhishek:  no formalities between us pihu.

Pihu: ok Abhishek, see you tomorrow. Bye.

Abhishek: bye pihu.

Pihu: pihu was thinking how she can tackle reena if she saw pihu and Abhishek together every day.

Pihu, at Home

Pihu’s mom: baby, how is your college life going on?

Pihu: it’s all fine ma

Pihu’s mom: ok dear, if you want to share anything you can do it. Don’t hesitate to share those things which make you worried.

Pihu: sure mom. Don’t worry about me. I am good.

When pihu was sleeping she got a dream that something is going to happen bad in her street. So her sleep was interrupted.

Pihu couldn’t understand why she had a dream like that. She thinks that it was her hidden fear which came out as a dream. Pihu didn’t pay more attention to her dream.

Day 10, at the College

Pihu entered the class with abhishek. Everyone in the class noticed it including reena. So pihu feels guilty and she went near to reena.

Pihu: reena I am sorry

Reena: pihu, sorry for what?

Pihu: Abhishek and I came together for the college. I thought it may affect you.

Reena: what is there to object pihu? You and abhishek entered in to the college at the same time accidently. So there is nothing to object.

Pihu: no reena. It is not accidental. Abhishek said that he will wait for me every day, so we both can come together for the college.

Reena: reena was shocked after hearing this. So abhishek said this?

Pihu: yes reena, will you object it?

Reena: no pihu. It’s ok.

Pihu: thank you reena

But reena got tensed as abhishek said he will wait for pihu daily. She has decided to come to the college in the same way where pihu and abhishek will meet every day. But she did not reveal this to pihu.

Pihu, on the Way to College

The next day morning pihu took few more hours to get ready for the college. She knew that abhishek would wait for her on the way. She took more care for her makeup and dress.

She moved out of her home and reached the common road where abhishek would wait for her. Pihu noticed him.

Pihu: hi abhishek, good morning.

Abhishek: pihu, you look so good.

Pihu: thank you. You too Abhishek

Then both of them walked together for the college. 10 minutes later pihu noticed that reena was coming in their way.

Pihu: she was shocked to see reena. But then she remembers the yesterday incident. She had only told reena that they will come together for the college in that way.

Abhishek:  He was surprised to see reena. Reena you are here?

Reena: why Abhishek? Am I disturbing you?

Abhishek:  no reena. I didn’t see you in this way before. So I was surprised.

Reena:  I have changed my way just because of you Abhishek

Pihu: she didn’t know what to do now. So pihu said, ok let us go for the college

Three of them moved towards the college. They were talking about their college events and entered the college premises.

Reena was so happy, as she is spending more time with Abhishek. After few hours Abhishek called pihu and asked how reena know about their routine plan.

Pihu: sorry Abhishek. I said that to reena.

Abhishek: but why?

Pihu: reena likes you Abhishek. So I told her about our daily meeting.

Abhishek:  what, reena likes me? But I have talked with her just like a friend.

Pihu: yes, I know that. But what to do

Abhishek:  Pihu it is the second day we both are coming together for the college. I have more things to discuss with you. I don’t care whether reena likes me or not. I want to spend time with you pihu.

Pihu: I completely understand Abhishek. But I didn’t know what should I do now?

Abhishek: pihu, just listen to your heart and find the truth.

Pihu didn’t know how to balance between friendship and love.

Pihu, at Home

Pihu was standing in the balcony and seeing the moon. Whenever she is confused or in happy mood she will share her feelings with moon. So she was literally talking to the moon, what she should do? She is not ready to hurt reena. At the same time she cannot avoid abhishek.

She can view till the end of her street from her balcony. At that time she saw heavy smoke is coming out of a home at the end of the street and within few minutes the entire house caught fire. Pihu rushed downstairs to alert her mom. Then she went outside her home.  Fortunately the people in the street informed the fire rescue team about the incident.

When pihu was standing outside her home she could see a man running by that way. He is wearing a black face mask. Pihu remember the earlier robbery incident. She clearly remembers that the man whom she saw already is the same person who is wearing a face mask now.  Within few minutes the fire brigade team came and rescued the people inside the home which has caught fire.

The next day morning pihu read in the newspaper that a thief had entered the home in her street, looted some cash, diamonds and to erase the evidence and to create panic among the people they lit fire to the home.

Pihu couldn’t decide whether she should inform to the police about the man with a face mask or not.  She is afraid to step out of her home at night because of the past two incidents. So she decided to discuss this issue with her mom.

At that time pihu’s mom said she got a message from her dad. Her dad has extended his official trip for two more weeks. After hearing this pihu was shocked.