This is the story of a girl called “pihu”. this is like her personal diary through we can know about her life. 


Pihu was returning home from the theatre. She found a bunch of flowers with a sticky note near the main door. Pihu was shocked to see the words “to my princess pihu” I love you.

Pihu was sure that abhishek did not buy those flowers. Pihu was suspecting the stalker who followed her couple of days back. She is worried now. But she cannot do anything at that time.
The next day morning, pihu called her mom.
Mom, mom…..
Pihu: mom I want to share something with you and need your guidance.
Pihu’s mom: tell me dear, what’s the issue?
Pihu: mom, I went to the park couple of days before to meet my friend. Then she explained what exactly happened that day. She said about the flowers which were near the main door of her home yesterday. Mom, should I need to report to the police?
Pihu’s mom: her mom seems to be shocked. Pihu why you didn’t tell me about these incidents?
Pihu: mom, I thought to ignore that person. I was not sure whether the same man kept the flowers or not. So I am confused now.
Pihu’s mom: pihu, we cannot report this incident to the police until we get any details about that stalker. So be careful baby. If you suspect anyone then don’t wait to get my advice. Just go and report to the police.
Pihu: ok mom. Thank you for guiding me. Love you so much.
Pihu’s mom: love you dear.
Few days later….
Pihu, at the College
Pihu is in happy mood. Her friends noticed and asked pihu.
Tia: pihu, what happened to you? You are looking so excited. What’s the reason?
Pihu: Tia. You are absolutely right. There is a reason for my happiness.
Clara: then share with us.
Pihu: my cousin Sonia is coming to our home tomorrow.
Tia: pihu, what’s there to get excited?
Pihu: Tia, you didn’t know the actual reason. My cousin Sonia is coming to our home because she has completed her graduation. I have planned to celebrate the occasion.
Tia: so it is a welcome party.
Pihu: it will not be exactly like a party. I just want to welcome her specially. My dad is not in home. So we can celebrate as per our wish.
Tia: pihu you are like a kid. Can we join with you?
Pihu: sure. I welcome you all to my home.
Tia: you are so sweet.
Pihu: don’t forget to come tomorrow at 6’o clock in the evening.
Pihu’s friends agreed that they will come to her home.
The next day morning….
Pihu, at Home
Pihu’s mom: pihu, don’t you hear the door bell? Someone is at the door. Please go baby
Pihu: ok mom.
Pihu: when she opened the door she saw Sonia with a cute smile on her face.
Pihu: oh my god… Sonia.
Sonia: hey pihu. How are you? How is your college life?
Pihu: I am good and today is holiday for the college
Meanwhile, pihu’s mom came there.
Hey Sonia baby how are you? Is everything okay?
Sonia: Everything is fine and she smiled at pihu’s mom.
Pihu’s mom: Sonia, you forget something.
Sonia. Oh my god!!! What?
Pihu’s mom: Sonia baby, in your school days you would call me mom just like my pihu.
Sonia: oops!! Sorry I forget it. From now onwards I will call as mom. Is that okay?
Pihu’s mom: yes, that is what I need. Ok dear, go and take bath. I’ll prepare breakfast.
Sonia: ok, mom
Sonia, pihu and her mom at the dining table
Sonia: wow!! All are my favorite food.
Pihu’s mom: yes. I have prepared specially for you.
Pihu: mom, then what about me??
Pihu’s mom: pihu, don’t act too much. I know you too like these foods.
Pihu: yes mom, ok let’s start our breakfast. Few minutes later, Sonia I forget to tell you something.
Sonia: what pihu?
Pihu: my friends will come today evening to meet you.
Sonia: hey pihu, that’s a good idea.
Evening 6’o Clock at Pihu’s Home
Pihu’s mom: Pihu, Sonia are you ready?
Pihu: yes mom.
Sonia: mom, I am wearing a new dress today.
Pihu’s mom: you look like an angel.
Pihu: mom what about me?
Pihu’s mom: you are so pretty my dear
Reena, Tia, preethi and Clara came there
Hi pihu…
Pihu: hi girls… welcome to my home.
Then pihu introduced her friends to her mom.
Pihu’s mom: please be comfortable like your home.
Pihu’s friend’s said ok aunty.
Pihu: girls, please wait for a second. I’ll call Sonia.
Pihu: Sonia, where are you?
Sonia: yes, I am coming pihu.
Pihu: meet my cousin Sonia. When Sonia came to the hall pihu’s friends were surprised.
Pihu: hey friends!!!! What happened?
Tia: pihu, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Your cousin resembles just like you pihu.
Clara: yes pihu. How is it possible?
Reena and preethi also said the same.
Pihu’s mom: girls, there is nothing to get surprised. Genetics play an important role and that’s why pihu and Sonia resembles similar.
Pihu’s friends accept the fact.
Pihu: But there is small difference between us.
Tia: yes, I know that pihu. Sonia is taller than pihu and she wears spectacles but pihu won’t use spectacles.
Reena: pihu, that’s a minor difference. But if anyone see you both together, then they will get confused.
Pihu: I too agree with you reena. Ok let us start the party. The welcome party lasted for 2 hours.
Pihu was not aware that the face resemblance between her and Sonia is going to create an issue in the future.
A month later….
Pihu, at Home
Pihu’s Dad: pihu don’t go anywhere tomorrow in the morning.
Pihu: why dad?
Pihu’s Dad: my guests will come to our home tomorrow.
Pihu: dad I will meet them in the afternoon. I have to go the library dad.
Pihu’s Dad: pihu, you can go to the library after few hours. You should be here when the guests come to our home. I want to introduce you to them.
Pihu: ok dad.
The next day morning…..
Pihu remembers what her dad said yesterday. So she wake up from the bed earlier. 1 hour later pihu noticed a car in front of her home. So she went to the hall to receive them. Pihu’s mom and dad received the guests. Pihu joined with her parents.
Pihu’s dad introduced pihu to them.
Sir, she is pihu. My daughter
Pihu: hello uncle, aunty
Then her dad introduces a person to pihu who seems to be their son.
Pihu’s Dad: pihu, he is prem.
Pihu: she said hello to prem. Then pihu spend five more minutes with them and went inside her room.
Pihu’s mom: pihu, why are you sitting in your room?
Pihu: mom, you know about me. Dad told me to stay in home to welcome the guest. So I am still here. Otherwise I’ll be in the library now.
Pihu’s mom: ok dear, just come and join with us for breakfast.
Pihu: no mom. Just for you I’ll take an apple. I am getting late mom. You please take care of the guest. I am moving now.
Pihu’s mom: ok pihu, come soon for the lunch.
Pihu: ok mom. Pihu walked towards the library.
In the afternoon
When pihu enters the home there was absolute silence. She couldn’t saw the guests there. So she asked her mom.
Pihu: mom, where are they?
Pihu’s mom: who, Mr. Bhatia and his family? They moved to the airport pihu.
Pihu: airport? Where they are going?
Pihu’s mom: they are going to Canada. Actually their son prem is going to continue his higher education in Canada and Mr. Bhatia also has his company there. So they are planning to settle in Canada.
Pihu: oh… that’s great. Do they have any branch office here in our city?
Pihu’s mom: yes pihu. But why you are concerned about their office.
Pihu: I thought I can get a job after my graduation.
Pihu’s mom: pihu!!!! Are you serious? You said you will do master’s degree.
Pihu: yes mom. Before that I want to do a job at least for a year.
Pihu’s mom: but why? You can go for job after your higher education.
Pihu: yes mom. Just to get an experience I like to go for a job after my graduation.
Pihu’s mom: if you are serious about your job then I’ll speak with Mr. Bhatia.
Pihu: ok mom let us discuss about this later. Still I have two more years to finish my graduation.
Pihu’s mom: pihu, I spoke to Sonia in the morning.
Pihu: Sonia?!! But I didn’t receive any call from her. Then she realized that her phone has been switched off due to low battery.
Pihu: sorry mom. I didn’t notice that my phone has been switched off.
Pihu’s mom: I knew it. Sonia tried to reach you but she couldn’t. So she called me. She wants to talk to you. So call her pihu.
Pihu: ok mom. I’ll do that.
Pihu: hi Sonia, how are you?
Sonia: hey. I am good pihu. Listen I am planning to come to your home this week.
Pihu: don’t tell lie. After the welcome party you didn’t come to my home.
Sonia: what to do pihu? I am going to continue my higher education. So I am visiting colleges and universities every day to get the details and to submit the applications. So I couldn’t come to your home.
Pihu: that’s ok Sonia. I am feeling happy now because you need not to go for other cities to continue your higher education. So when are you coming here?
Sonia: actually I have planned to stay in your home for a month. After one month I have to go to the college. By the end of this week I will be there.
Pihu: that’s great Sonia. I will be waiting for you.
Pihu, at the College
Pihu: hey girls? How are you all?
Clara: we all are good pihu except reena
Pihu: why? What happened to her?
Tia: abhishek rejected reena’s proposal.
Pihu: when this happened?
Preethi: reena proposed abhishek yesterday but he immediately refused.
Pihu: now pihu was shocked and confused. She wants to know whether abhishek revealed the actual reason to reena that he is in love with pihu or not?
Pihu: why abhishek rejected her? Do you know the reason?
Clara: abhishek said to reena that he is in love with someone and so he cannot accept reena.
Pihu: did he say the name of the girl?
Tia: no.
Pihu: now pihu was feeling relaxed. Where is reena?
Clara: she is there.
Pihu: Reena was sitting in the last row of the class room and crying. So she went near reena. Reena please don’t cry.
Reena: pihu, you don’t know how I am feeling now?
Pihu: no reena, I know what you feel now. But what to do reena, you have to accept the fact.
Reena: I won’t accept that abhishek is in love with someone. I will wait for him till he accepts me. Otherwise I will not marry anyone.
Pihu: pihu did not know that reena is so serious about abhishek. Ok reena. Let us think about this later. Now come with me. Pihu tried to console reena.
Few hours later pihu met abhishek and asked him why he had behaved rudely.
Pihu: I didn’t expect this kind of behavior from you.
Abhishek: what to do pihu. I have talked with reena for more than two hours and try to explain her that I cannot accept her and I am in love with someone. But she didn’t understand. So I have no other choice. But I didn’t reveal the name of my angel.
Pihu: thank you abhishek. It will become more difficult if you told reena about me.
Abhishek: I know that.
Pihu: Why reena proposed you yesterday? She said that she will wait for the right moment. So I am shocked.
Abhishek: maybe she would have thought that I will accept her.
Silence prevails between them. But they didn’t notice reena was watching them.

Will reena find the truth about abhishek and pihu? Whether pihu can continue her friendship with reena? How abhishek will hide the name of his lover?