It’s not easy to be the daughter of country renowned actress. People seemed so plastic, fake. There was always a rush around her, as if every minute was national emergency and any information about someone else, even if it was as small as the person cooking biriyani back at home, was vital. Wearing proper dress rather baring everything was important ‘cause ‘the nation depends on your style sense’.


Her father, who was he? The knowledge of her father was just a controversy. She knows nothing about him apart from that, her parents were the spices of country’s biggest film controversy of the decade. She has never seen him in person, just images and autopsy reports.


She lacked her parents’ love and care. Her father was dead and mother was cold.

Every year she witnessed a change of her mother’s partner. Sometimes married actors, sometimes single, young newcomers, producers, directors and who not! Whenever she made herself bit comfortable with the fact that her mother has a new partner and believes that this might be the last one, she manages herself a new one. It was really difficult for her to make friends among the film industry clan. She always felt, that her friends’ father might be her mother’s next partner; this made her feel really gauche.


Mitchell Roy, was the nation’s face for woman empowerment, child welfare. She was one the highest paid actress, and also holder of many national awards. But to her daughter she was a mother. A failed mother who never even breast fed her own daughter; was not there to cheer her daughter up on annual events or was present in Parents’ teacher’s meeting. Even when Mriganka was lying unconscious with high fever, going to the post award gala was of more priority.


It is not that Mriganka never tried to cope up with glamour world. And it won’t be wrong to say that she also wanted to be an actress. Her mother was her inspiration. She wanted to be just like her; beautiful, successful, face of the nation’s fashion, representative of Indian cinema to the world audience, until the film world showed her its true colour. Until the film world took what little good was there inside her mother.


Mitchell would be wrongly accused if it was said that she didn’t love her Mriganka. When Mitchell came to the city, she was just clay who could be moulded into any shape. Fortunately, she was in good hands and was triumphant in delivering back to back hits. She fell in love with Mriganka’s father, her co-star. They were madly in love with each other, they laughed together, they fought together, mad love together, went places together and then one day Mitchell became pregnant.

Mriganka’s father thought that their love child might interfere with their career and decided to abort the child, but Mitchell was in conflict.

She wanted to keep the child, even if she had to raise the child on her own. Somehow the news of pregnancy was leaked, which led to the ‘sex controversy’ and followed by by the massive interference in both of their career. Nobody offered them job. Even if they got any, that would result to massive flop. People would call her Slut. Some even asked her to sale her body in return of a movie.  Mriganka’s father didn’t have to face this, for by that time he had left India. Mitchell was all alone, pregnant, with no living as such. But she protected her child from every adversity. She could have gone to escort services but she chose to stand with her head held high. It was after all Mriganka’s and Mitchell’s future. She only felt every passing moment ‘the worst has passed only the bad remains behind’. Mriganka’s father left the country and never came back. He is dead to Mrignaka’s knowledge. Whatever Mitchell did she did for her daughter.

She knows that Mriganka hates her. But to secure her future, the mother had to take the step. She had to go through many turmoil and get back to her lost position. Flop after flop, controversy after controversy, many of which she wasn’t part of. But still she stood with her head high. She had loved only one man and she still does. The so called partner are just to make sure that she never lacks “ glamorous, fake” friends when she needs film or promotions. She made sure that everybody’s first choice is she. She never forced Mriganka to follow her footsteps, so she made every possible effort to make Mriganka loathe the film world. She regretted not seeing Mrignaka’s childhood but it was either that or Mriganka’s whole life, she chose to secure the future.


“MA”, the long forgotten word, is no more uttered. Ma was once her inspiration but she hates her for not giving her time, her for not loving her, for taken away her inspiration from her, for taking away her Ma and only supposed world.


Oh! Fool! Only if she knew the truth, she would have felt what is above inspiration for her mother. Her love awits the future.