It was a summer afternoon, when everyone was seated in the room. The air conditioner was running at 18 degrees, they were all planning on where to go for an excursion. The planning team had 8 members Gj, Trushal, Harshil, Jay, Ayush, Akash, Afiyah and Krupali. They were all of the same group in college.

Gj, Jay and Ayush were the people who always used to pose problems in serious discussions, Harshil was the productive guy who used to be less funny and more serious all the time and Trushal and Afiyah were the one’s hell bent on going for an Excursion! As Trushal wanted to take a break and chill out with his friends and Afiyah had fought with her parents in order to seek permissions to go, Akash was their senior who was comfortable with them and used to be with them all the time, and thus was present in the planning of the Excursion. Excluding all these willing members, there was Krupali who was like a two faced personality, in the inside she used to crib about everything that happened and would show affirmative responses on the outside. The discussion regarding the Excursion was in progress since it was 12pm on the clock, but nothing concrete was to be seen. Everyone present in the room was just adding to all the commotion. Trushal’s Mom entered the room and freaked out on seeing that we all were behaving like hooligans! She screamed, “Will you guys come up with something productive? You have been here all day and are just fighting with each other!”

After she left the room, Trushal said, “Guys lets finalize something! I have to leave for work too!! Or else you people won’t be welcomed to my house the next time!” Everyone laughed at Trushal’s statement! But then they seriously started chalking out all the possible plans, after a tiring discussion of almost two hours and arguing internally within the group, something was working out.

“I have a farmhouse in Igatpuri, which can be used for our Excursion”, said Akash. After finalising the budget and everything else, the group decided that they will go on a 3 day excursion to Akash’s Farmhouse in Igatpuri.

The plan was to meet on Sunday morning and leave early for the farmhouse in the car. Everybody gathered around at 6.30am at Trushal’s place, as Trushal was the one who was taking his car with him. All the 6 people accomodated them in the car with ease and were all set to leave, Akash and Krupali were to join them at the Farmhouse itself. They were all very happy as what they had planned for was being executed well after so long. Everyone loaded all their luggage im the car and grabbed their seats, on their way they all had fun listening to songs that they all used to jam along when together.

After a long journey of 4 and half hours, they all reached the destination that had planned the excursion at. They all unpacked their stuff and started to get inside the farmhouse. Everyone except Krupali was present at the place. The farmhouse looked old and terrible maybe it was due to not being cleaned. All were astonished at the look of the Farmhouse and they collectively asked, “Akash!! Dude what the heck is this??”

Akash said, “Guys! Just chill okay, then cleaning guy will be here any moment!”. Everyone was relieved, they glanced around the house before they entered inside, on their left was a huge swimming pool with a net setup in between, in their minds they were all thinking of keeping all the things aside and jumping into the pool with the volleyball and start playing pool volleyball. On the right was a huge empty area for them to play cricket. As they walked down the to the house they could feel the rustling of the dried leaves that were all over the place, and they also could feel the silence around in the vicinty, which seemed as if it was abandoned by everyone a long time ago.

They all entered the farm house which was right in front, it was huge and elegant, just as Akash opened the door, all the rats ran out of the house, the walls of the house were all filled with spider webs. The house was very gloomy and looked possessed by some evil spirit. Akash went ahead and I turned on the lights so that people could unpack their stuff. A tall skinny fellow with worn out clothes stood at the door of the house, he was there for cleaning. He knocked the door, when everyone saw him, they were all scared deep down, everyone could sense a state of fear in the minds of others, they were scared to approach the guy and ask him what was the purpose that he had come for when Akash greeted him, “Arey Bhaiyaji!! Aao aao, Namaste!! Kaise ho?”

The guy replied, “Bas Akash Bhaiya!! Aapki duaa hai!!” and then he started to clean the house . Akash said, “Guys relax he is not dangerous, he is here for the cleaning!” everyone sighed and thought of changing and going to the swimming pool! They all changed into their swimming costumes and marched together towards the swimming pool! Akash instructed the cleaner to get bedding and all done after he finished the cleaning. And also told him to accompany the Group for Lunch.

With their swimming gear on, everyone just jumped into the pool together making a huge splash, they made two teams of 3 and 4 members respectively and started playing beach volleyball. They had decided to play 3 sets of 25 points each as cleaning was going to take time. Just when they had completed the second set and were about to start the third set, they heard a voice, “Cheaters!! Started having fun without me? I curse you that you won’t even get place in the 7th hell!”

Everyone screamed at her, “Just shut up!! Go change and join us before it’s too late!!”. She rushed into the cottage, and came back hastily. Then she joined them and they played their last set of beach volleyball and then started to move out one after the other. They all went to the rooms and freshened up for lunch. As everyone was fresh they all got out and began to walk towards the Dhaba at which they had planned their lunch.

Krupali and Afiyah spoke, “Why do we have to walk?? Can’t we just grab a Rickshaw to the Dhaba instead of walking??”

Akash very politely replied, “With all due respect ladies!! The place where we are going is not having lanes that can accommodate Rickshaws! So stop complaining and get going, we all are already hungry!”

They the replied, “But Dude, its so hot here, we will tanned on our face!”

Then all replied in a common voice, “You have no other options Girls, can we move? Please!!”

Afiyah exclaimed, “Koi mujhe maar do iss se accha aur yahi dafna do!! Bohot Garmi hai yaar, mai kali ho jaungi!! Abhi meri shaadi bhi nai hui hai!!” Everyone Ignored her and started walking. She had discontent on her face, and her expressions affirmed of the same, but she had no choice rather than joining the squad being a Wayfarer as the others to their destination for Lunch.

They all then reached the Dhaba and ordered Lunch, and enjoyed lunch with soft drinks. Just after they were done, Gj exclaimed, “Oh God! I am in no condition of walking back now, I am full!” and then he saw a cockroach passing by his side, and he just jumped up and started walking briskly. While returning the girls were walking together discussing girly issues, so the boys planned of scaring them at night. They all were desperate to pull of a prank to scare the girls, the criminal masterminds of their prank were Akash, Gj and Harshil. They planned of watching ‘The Exorcist’ at night, and were planning of playing a Paranormal feat with the girls to scare them, just for fun.

They reached the cottage and everyone just went and relaxed, they were all listening to songs when Gj and Akash left others making the excuse of going to the washroom and started planning for the prank. They went to the main door of the Cottage and kept a glass full of Spiders suspended to the door with a nylon thread, which would fall on the face of the girls when they would open it. While Akash and Gj were making steps to execute their plan, they exchanged sly smiles and were going crazy in their minds by visualising how well would the plan work out. They were working with celerity and briskness so as to not get caught, and they also laid their hands on the circuit of the house so as to achieve a desired Paranormal ambience at the time of the execution of their idea. But they weren’t able to achieve the amount of scariness that would scare the girls deep down, so they summoned their Trump card and called Harshil.

Harshil came by to help and connected the circuit of the house to a master remote. Then they all got back and started dancing to the beats of Akash’s Mixtapes. While doing so, Gj spread the word of the plan to other except the girls, very silently. And then they moved out for the tea break. They had some special ginger tea and cookies, and then got ready for cricket action. Its was 5 o’clock in the evening, as the time passed by and the night was approaching, all the boys got more and more excited to see the girls being scared to the core, they wanted to witness everything for themselves, and see the state of the girls at the time when they pulled off their trick. So to pass their time, they started their play, they were playing by the number system instead of teams, Krupali and Afiyah were complaining that they don’t know the sport and thus are not able to score well. While the others were struggling to stack up as much runs as possible. Krupali and Afiyah were annoyed due to not being able to stack up any runs and were always ending up being last, they showed disapproval and disappointment by frowning at the guys.

It was 7.45 when the girls finally frustrated asked, “Guys it’s almost 8 now!! Can’t we stop playing, as it is we are losing!!” they adjourned their play for the day and went out on a small casual walk which would end at the Dhaba where they were to have the dinner, while having dinner Gj and Ayush were being cautious of any insects in the surroundings as they had a phobia of insects. And top of this they both were eating in a hurry, on noticing them hurry so much everyone exclaimed, “Guys calm down, don’t be in a hurry or else you will choke up!!”

After completing dinner, everyone was walking slow but the girls were ahead, they reached the Farmhouse first and waited for the others, then when everyone reached the farmhouse the girls opened the door, the boys were excited. They heard loud screams, “ Oh My God! Spiders!! Move them away!!” the boys were dancing outside, but they controlled their emotions as the big reveal was yet to come.

The situation was under control, everyone met at the hall where they were to watch the movie together. Akash swtiched the TV on and started the movie, and just as the first scary scene of the movie was on the screen, Harshil quietly with the remote started to flicker the lights! It’s was all going as per the plan. Just when the lights flickered for the second time, the girls shrieked out in discomfort. They were scared deep down, Afiyah was praying silently to calm herself down, whereas Krupali was just going on shrieking.

Krupali in fear exclaimed, “What the hell is going on here?? I wanna go home, I knew that something like this would happen, I shouldn’t have come here at the first place!! I don’t wanna stay here!! Somebody Please take me out of here!!” while Krupali was screeching aloud like a clarion, all the guys were feeling very glad that they had successfully executed their plan. They all were rejoicing silently within themselves, and were sharing joyful expressions with each other. When suddenly, they all heard an eerie voice approaching them. At first all the guys thought that it was just another small piece of detail added to illude the girls, but as it got closer, Gj and Akash exchanged surprised looks with each other, and on seeing them surprised, everyone else began trembling with fear as they were unknown to the fact that what was the sound in the Background. They all clenched their fists tightly and started praying, every single time that they heard the sound approaching them their heart started thumping harder and faster.


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