Just when Gj and Akash were about to go and find out the reason for the eerie voice, it suddenly faded out. Everyone took a sigh of relief, they were all set to end for the day, when they heard loud thuds on the door, this time around the guys knew for sure that it wasn’t a part of the setup that they had made in order to scare the girls and have fun. Everyone was exchanging blank looks with each other when the girls exclaimed, “Somebody open the Damn Door” everyone could sense fear in the way the girls spoke, they were already having trouble coping up with their earlier experiences that day.

It was high time that someone from the group went and opened the door, Akash took a look around the room and knew that it was he who would have to go and the open the door, as everyone else were so horrified that they would pee in the pants the very next moment. Akash gathered all the courage he could and went up to the door and just as he was about to open it, the banging on the door, even though everything seemed okay, Akash still was convinced that something fishy was still going on and thus he opened the door.

Just as soon as the door opened with the slow and dramatic squeaks, a ball hung high with a rope hit Akash’s face, and the girls started laughing out loud at Akash. Seeing the girls laugh Akash got furious, and he exclaimed, “What the fuck Man! I got hit on my face! What are y’all laughing at? You think this is funny huh? We all here are fucked up pretty bad due to the loud thudding on the door and those fucking creepy noises, so for God sake at least don’t laugh at someone who’s risking his ass off for you all!”

Just as soon as Akash finished off, Krupali broke off into laughter and blurted out, “Chill Man! Everybody Chill down, did you all think that the great DJ Robust, the Security head of Megahertz 2016 would become a pussy when a ball hits from above? Hahaha! It was a setup you all dumb guys, and maybe a very clever one at that I can say after seeing the effects! We two already knew that the guy gang had something fishy going on!”

Everyone in the room was bamboozled they were speechless and that girls just couldn’t stop laughing at the guys and seeing their hung up faces. The guys seemed pretty bad and the girls were the winners of the ‘Who scares them all challenge’. It was almost halfway down midnight and the crew was having fun as one by one people stared to doze off, it was not late when all of them were fast asleep except for Afiyah and Gj, they both just went out of the house and started lingering around the vicinity while talking to each other, they kept on talking for hours and realized that it was dawn already, they thought that they could grab some breakfast and surprise the others, so they went to the same restaurant where they had their lunch and dinner the day before.

Meanwhile when they were gone, Ayush broke his sleep and was wide awake, he freshened up and searched for Gj and Afiyah and when he wasn’t able to find them he was terrified and so he woke up everybody. Everyone searched for them at all the possible places that they both could be, but they didn’t find them, Akash and Harshil all freaked out started calling out Gj and Afiyah but soon were known to the fact that Gj and Afiyah had their phone both inside the house itself on vibrate. Gj and Afiyah strolled down back to the house just to find out everyone freaking out and they rushed back to the house.

“Where the fuck have you guys been Man?” Akash questioned in a scared and raged voice.

“Relax Dude!” Gj exclaimed, “We both weren’t sleepy at night so we went down the place talking to each other the whole night, and as soon as we realized that it was dawn we went to grab breakfast.”

Everyone sighed, and they all exclaimed in one voice, “You should have taken your cell phones Idiots! We would be less bummed out on not finding you then!”

After all the fuss settled down, everyone freshened up and sat around the dining table for the breakfast and they all started having the breakfast, while having breakfast everyone was having a cheerful face and were all laughing at each other remembering the things that happen the night before. Just as soon as they finished their breakfast the newspaper arrived and Harshil grabbed his hands onto it, he started reading it.

“Woahh! We should go to this place!!” Harshil exclaimed. When the focus shifted to Harshil and Akash and the other in excitement asked, “What place are you talking about Bro?”

“It’s some old place on a hill with some dope stuff such as spirits and also some paranormal activity getting noticed! The news report says that some abnormal voices and Paranormal Activities were spotted yesterday night too, and they have prohibited people from going there after 5 pm as per the latest happenings and meetings of the ASI officials.”

“Hold on Bro! Are you by any chance talking about the Kasara Ghats bro??” Akash asked as he was well versed with all the places around the vicinity of the farmhouse and also some places that were in Igatpuri’s periphery.

“Let me check.” Harshil replied, “Ummm! That’s the place as per the report Bro!”

“We are not going there by any Chance!” Akash spoke in a pretty stern voice, “That place is awful, its complete madness to think of going there, there used to be an old age home there once, which met with a pretty awful fate, the Corporate builders burnt the place down with almost 25 aged people who had been abandoned by their families, and since then their spirits have been around the place causing major paranormal activities and also many accidents. One happened yesterday too! We can’t risk it guys!”

“I agree with Akash guys, I think it’s a pretty pad idea to do this!” Ayush said.

“Oh come on guys! Why are so scared, haven’t you got any guts in you? It’s not that big a deal, just a few hours to check whether what these folks say is true or not?” Harshil argued, “Rest of you all, what do you think? With a show of hands let me know who wants to go on this adventure.”

The final verdict was that they were to visit the place at 11 in the night to find out whether what they say is true or not, and everyone started to get things in place for the nights adventure, Harshil started to charge up the camera and also have ample of storage for the footages that they capture at night, Trushal and the guys packed the essentials while it was time such as the torch and some tools that might come in handy. Afiya and Krupali started preparing some light snacks sufficient enough to last the group till the time they were on their adventure.

As soon as everyone was done preparing for their adventure at the Kasara Ghats they all went out the house to chill, soon time passed away the sun set for the day and they knew that the moment they were waiting for was getting closer, the guys just to have a check on time ensured that they had their dinner by 8.30, so that they could stroll back to the house, grab all the stuff they had packed up and leave for the Kasara Ghats by 9.30.

As per the plan, they all left for the place at 9.30, and then started finding a mode of transport to their desired location, but just as they expected nobody was willing to go to the place at the time and disapproved to take them to their destination, some even advised them to stay back, but they guys had made their minds and so they decided to walk to the place, it took them longer than expected but they reached the destination. It was roughly half past 12 and they were all set to explore the mysteries of the Haunted Old age home that people used to talk about.

Far from what they had expected the place was even worse and horrific than they all expected, the place was so bad that even if a man of a great will saw it at first, he too would experience the negativity and the chills that were running around in the place. Everyone was dumbstruck when Harshil exclaimed, “Oh Good Lord! This is it guys, let get going, there’s no turning back now.”

Everyone followed Harshil even though they were not willing to, soon they reached the entrance of the place, it was all pretty fucked up, hinges rusted to the point that the door would fall down any moment, the walls all black and burnt. Harshil got chills on seeing it so close, he was frozen, but then the gathered the guts and just when he was about to push the door open, the door of the house automatically opened up, everyone was already in a pretty bad state, Akash again warned them but it was too late as Harshil had already entered the place, following Harshil, everyone entered the place one by one, it was completely dark there, nothing was visible, when the door shut with a loud thud.

“Oh Fuck!” everyone screamed with fear, “This shit is pretty bad, let’s get out!” and as they reached out for the door to open it again and get back home, they discovered that the door was jammed and it wouldn’t open, which added up to the fear that the guys already were having in them, when Harshil asked Gj to put on the torch.