In a colony of France, there lived an orphan boy named Pierre. He was a very kind and honest boy.

Pierre’s father was a famous musician. He had a violin, whose sound was very melodious. Whenever he played it, people would be hypnotized. Unfortunately, Pierre’s father passed away when he was very small. One day, he found the violin while cleaning his house. When he hit its strings, he found its sound very sweet. Pierre had never heard such a soothing sound. Out of curiosity, he picked it up and started playing it. Suddenly, he heard someone’s footsteps. He looked all around but couldn’t see anyone. He thought it must be his illusion. Just then, he heard the sound again, and he got scared and stopped playing the violin. “why did you stop, Pierre? You play so well. Keep on playing,” came a loving voice. Pierre asked who are you. “We are fairies and were passing from here. The soothing voice of your violin attracted us.” On their request, Pierre started playing his violin again and the fairies danced to its tune. Many hours passed by. Later, one of the fairies said, “Now, we have to go back to our land. You can wish anything for yourself.” Pierre asked for a boon with the help of which he can help the poor and needy. “Ok. from now on, the person before whom you will play your violin will have no sadness in life,” said a fairy and they all went away. Pierre started going to villages and removed worries of the people, Gradually he and his violin became famous. In the nearby kingdom, a demon was in love with the princess and wanted to marry her but the king refused so he threatened to destroy the whole kingdom. Pierre was worried about it. He asked fairies for help. Fairies said they can’t kill anyone then Pierre came up with a cunning idea to control the demon. The next day, Pierre reached the palace with his violin. The fairies were already there but they were invisible. when the demon arrived, William started shouting, “My violin is magical. Go at once from here or I will kill you.” Demon started running towards Pierre and Pierre started playing his violin. Fairies entangled the feet of demon and he fell down and got badly injured. He couldn’t understand how he fell. Just then a fairy started teasing the demon in his ear. The demon hit his ear very hard but before that, the fairy already got out of the way. Meanwhile, the other fairy did the same in his other ear. This happened numerous times. But the demon was yet to believe that the violin was magical then the fairies started beating him with sticks. Now, he got frightened because he couldn’t deal with invisible fairies. Pierre shouted,” It’s your last chance to run away before I kill you”, and started to play his violin loudly. The demon now believed that the violin was truly magical and ran away. He never came back to that kingdom. The king felt so pleased that he gave Pierre half of his kingdom as well as his daughter’s hands in marriage.