Once upon a time, in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, lived a young boy named Niraan. He grew up in a small, house with his mother, struggling to make ends meet. Despite the challenges and hardships he faced, Niraan held onto his long dream of becoming a defense officer. He knew once he becomes an officer, all his problems would come to an end and he will be able to pay back his mother for her sacrifices. 

He admired the men and women  in uniform who dedicated their lives to protecting their country. Determined to rise above his circumstances, he worked diligently and relentlessly in school. One day, fate intervened when a retired defense officer COL. Vishwa, visited Niraan’s school to deliver a motivational talk. He showed his determination and motivation to the officer, who got impressed and decided to mentor him. He provided him with everything he needed to make his dream a reality. But the circumstances made him took on odd jobs to help his mother with the household expenses and save money for his education. Niraan’s commitment and hard work did not go unnoticed. He soon appeared for the defense exam and passed with flying colors. This was the first time his mother had tears of happiness in her eyes. 

Life at the academy was tough, testing his physical and mental limits. He faced demanding physical fitness routines, extensive training and academic challenges. But he embraced every obstacle as an opportunity, and strived to achieve better and better each day. With the blessing of his mother and his hard work, he successfully completed his training and became an Officer in the Armed Forces. He carried out various missions as an officer, faced tougher challenges each day and conquer them with his perseverance and hard work. He gave his mother a happy and healthy life, away from poverty and grief. He never forgot his humble beginnings and used his platform to advocate for equal opportunities and support for underprivileged youth aspiring to join the forces. He swore to become, another COL. Vishwa for numerous other Niraans.