FOOD, CLOTHE, SHELTER, is all we need to live a normal life however not everyone can have it.

Reyansh a student of Reva International School. He had these things because of his parents. So he really do not need to concern about anything.He love playing video games and perform fairly good in his exams. 

He was friend with Ishan his best buddy who lives in his neighbourhood and also present in the same class. One day Ishan heard a rumor going around school about ghosts. Well it is only a rumor so not everyone is interested in it but something strange happened after few days of this rumour spread.


Some of the students on 2nd floor heard screams up from the 3rd floor of the school. No one knew  what is happening…. all of them were terrified. Reyansh and Ishan were also on the 2nd floor so they also heard it .

Ishan was being curious wants to know about it as school authorities refuse to told anything about it .

Ishan told Reyansh about his curiosity and they decided to investigate the 3rd floor but they already knew that two people would not be any help.

So, they decided to ask Kavi ‘The cool gadget guy’. He had many different kind of gadgets and drones which could be great help.

They headed to Kavi and told them what they were going to do and asked him if he could help. He agreed really fast as he also wanted to know about what is going on. After a long discussion on what kind of device would be able to help them according to there need and the plan so they decided on spider camera and to execute there plan after school.

After the school ends they went to cafe in front of there school and decided to operate the spider from there. They already set up the spider on the stairs that go towards 3rd floor so all they had to control it right to 3rd floor.

They were getting nervous as the spider is heading up. They did not really expected what they actually saw through camera.

3rd floor looked like a horror movie set also because it was under construction. It made it look more creepy and horror. Everything was so dark only some of the  light is coming from holes in the wall. Anyways they headed towards a room and surprisingly there was one room on that floor in the last of the corridor.

They were shit scared even though they were not physically present. Still they headed towards that LAST ROOM. Room was locked so they got in the room from the hole right above the door. They couldn’t belive there eyes ……the secne they saw.

There were small kids around 9-10 years kept in the room and tied up. They looked so skinny and malnutrited and dead. There eyes looked like they were about to pop. All three could not believe what they saw and who did this but they were sure that those screams were of these kids.

Who could have thought something like this was happening in a school.

Reyansh, Ishan and Kavi want to help them. As they recorded the footage and decided to go Ishan house and meet his father who was also a criminal lawyer. They knew without an elderly person no one will believe them.

They told everything to Ishan father and showed them the footage. Ishan father could not believe his eye and he immediately took action and called his police friend and told the whole scenario and also send those evidence collected by those three.

Soon after police took action and rescued those small kids and send them to the hospital for treatment. Reyansh and his friends also got to know that principle was the one who were behind all these illegal business. Everyone in the school was very shock when they got to know about these illegal things.

After recovery of those kids they came to school to thanks thoses students who helped them. At that moment Reyansh and his friends felt proud and satisfied of what they done.

Reyansh, Ishan and Kavi… there life changed because they took a stand against crime. They are now heroes of school. Now they know anything is possible if you get into your curiosity and willing to take risk.