I was cuddling up in my blanket on a brisk winter morning. Not at all like every single other day, that day I got up before as I was exceptionally energized. It was my birthday, so I was happy. Like each and every other youngster, I also had made numerous arrangements concerning:

• What will I do?

• Which outfit I will wear?

• Which chocolate to purchase for friends?

• What to give someone in return a gift when they wish me?

Furthermore, the rundown goes on. However, I was completely unaware of the Strom that was approaching me to dampen my enthusiasm for my birthday as I planned all of those things. Sadly, that was also my last birthday celebration. Consequently, as previously stated, I arose earlier in anticipation of my birthday. Kids are happiest on their birthdays because it is the only day of the year when they can get everything they want from their friends and family.

I turned 10 today. I woke up early, put on a lovely purple dress, and got ready to meet my friends and go to school. I attended school. Every single person who was present in the classroom when I entered wished me a happy birthday. I got so wrecked by seeing all that. All that works then, at that point, went well indeed.

We celebrated my birthday and afterward, the ringer rings and it was the time for a mid-day break. My classmates and I rushed straight to the canteen. It was time for me to give my friends my birthday party. As we were eating and talking about my plans for the evening, I suddenly felt as if my heart started to cry. I simply have no idea what was going on with me. There was a colossal grin all over, yet my eyes were having tears in them. My heart began to become heavy. The only sound coming from the corridor was my footsteps as I ran straight toward it. To get my handkerchief, I dashed as quickly as I could toward my classroom.

When I got there, I saw a girl sitting alone under the bench in the classroom away from the rest of the world. I went there to find out who the girl was. What’s more, I saw my dearest companion who was my friend since I was conceived, and I saw her crying under the seat. I had no idea what was going on inside her head or what was causing her stress from the inside out. I was so worried because I had never seen her in that way before. I didn’t have any idea what I ought to do by then. I, therefore, approached her and instructed her to stand under the bench. I inquired, “What took place?” She began to weep even more strongly but did not respond. She didn’t even have the sense to say a word. I tried to comfort her, but I didn’t know that Strom was only a mile away. She abruptly took my hand and squeezed it harder as I tried to calm her down. “I’m missing your mom,” she said.

I was more attached to her mother than she was to mine, so hearing that from her side was a little odd. She had no intention of explaining anything. I was so much closer to her family than to hers. It was sounding curious to me. But I said, “OK, it’s fine,” just to calm her down. You meet her when she comes to pick me up from school. Simple…. So, please stop crying and let’s go to the canteen.

We were alone in the space around us. I was pausing my breathing just to hear something from the opposite side, yet nothing remained to be heard from her side. She finally responded, “No, I was not missing her… I was missing your real mother,” after a long silence.

“What are you discussing?” I addressed.

“Yes, you heard me right…. I was feeling the loss of your genuine mother. She passed away when you were only two days old, so you have no idea what happened. I also know very little about her, though I do recall some memories I shared with her. When I inquired about it, my mother elaborated on the events and explained why she passed away. She said so.

At the time, I was so surprised. I was having no idea of what was occurring around me. That obscure tempest I have discussed first and foremost had hit me so gravely and left me of nowhere.

My life completely changed overnight. There was pretty much nothing left equivalent to what it was a second prior. At the same time, I lost a part of myself. I kept saying that this couldn’t be true, that it wouldn’t happen, that it was just a bad dream, or that I was dreaming right now.

“TELL ME YOU WERE LYING. TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE.”, I shouted. Tears started rolling down my neck. I had felt so senseless. I had looked towards her with a puppy face and was waiting to hear some good from her side. I started questioning her with everything which was moving around my head.

➢ How did you know all of this?

➢ Then who is my real mom?

➢ Who’s the one whom I’m calling my mom for last ten years?

➢ How had all that happened?

➢ Why my family kept it a secret from me? etc.……

She had responded to each and every one of my inquiries. The bell rang as she was answering all of my questions. We were both crying when everyone returned to the classroom. They all were attempting to stop the two of us, even the educators also. Teachers had inquired about the situation with a few of our friends, but no one knew. I recall today well overall. I had a very hard time comprehending that situation as a child. The only question that was causing me the most trouble was whether or not my family had kept such significant information from me. That day is still vividly etched in my mind. As a youngster, it was so challenging for me to figure out that. The only thing that was bothering me was my family’s decision to keep everything from me. At the point when I returned home, I had a go at getting some information about it. They basically overlooked my inquiry as though I have posed to them anything. I tried asking my father about it once more a few weeks later.

“You are extremely fortunate, similar to Lord Krishna. He also had two mothers, as you know: one with whom he was born and the other with whom he was raised.

He responded with irony. In the wake of paying attention to that response, I’ve concluded that I will track down everything about my mother on my own at this point. At the point when you had a go at finding everything about her, I got to realize that a significant number of individuals in our general public actually acclaim her to such an extent. Nonetheless, a lot of them miss her.

I was told by an elderly uncle in our neighborhood, “You exactly look like your mother.” Everything about you, including your speech, smile, hair, and eyes, resembles her. Every single person who knew her adored her. At the point when she got pregnant, numerous family issues happened, however she didn’t empty. How a little youngster joins the speck to make a lovely picture similarly and with the same guiltlessness she held everybody together. She never gives up, no matter how hard the situation is. She always finds a solution with a smile on her face.

After a long respite he added, “After when she brought forth you, she quickly got conceded due to the remissness of the specialist, a few veins of her got cut. The operation was carried out right away. Like the manner in which you didn’t have the opportunity to see her similarly, she additionally didn’t have opportunity and willpower to see you.”

“I know, my Kid what’s happening inside your psyche yet dear, she didn’t bite the dust as a result of you. It was not at all your issue. You cannot alter the fact that it was her destiny. You excessively should major areas of strength for be her. ” he added.

I inquired, “But why dad gave someone else her place?” after listening to him.

“That another person is, in all honesty, your mom’s genuine sister. Additionally, your father did not assign anyone else to her position. They tied the knot just for you. he replied. Why, then? They weren’t told to do so by me. Also, why they all are concealing this from me?” I addressed.

“All they want is to see you happy,” Why do you view everything negatively? You grumbled that your dad had concealed this from you, however, have you ever felt that if he could have informed you about this, he would have lost that lovely grin all over.” He said so.

He continued, “Have you ever thought why a Young lady, who is the real sister of my mother, agreed to marry your father?” a moment later. I’ll tell you. She did that since she cherishes you to such an extent. Your family didn’t want you to know this because they were afraid they might ruin your childhood by telling you. I had a new perspective on the situation as a whole after having that conversation with that elderly uncle.

Even as I write this, I can’t stop laughing when I think back to my 10th birthday in school and how, after the lunch break, everyone tried to stop my best friend and me from crying so hard that it took them three lectures to stop us. None of the teachers could take classes that day because they were all working to calm us down.

As a result, both of my mother’s lessons taught me that that every problem has a solution. So, keep your cool and don’t give up.