The shiny bright body of hers invited him in, he tried to look away but it was almost like he had no control over himself, “May I?” he asked in that perfect British accent of his, the one that no woman could resist. “Of course, go ahead”, as he continued the inspection in a more intimate manner, it was almost like a different version of Pavlov experiment in practice there.

The body sheathed in red with those delicate curves, the gold embellishments were just at the right places too, he stood no chance against her beauty.

He had to have her.

He could not see beyond the red, he had to have her,“ You have a treasure madam, guard it well.” He turned away to his previous engagement reluctantly,with the thoughts of what he just held, at the back of his mind.

The feel of it was imprinted in the memory of his hands, his palm twitching just at the thought of having her again.

He held many in his coarse hands later but none of them gave him the satisfaction that she did. It was like his secret siren call, manufactured just to entice him.

He was eager for the party to end, he wanted to be alone with her.

He saw the lady in red climb up the grand staircase and went after her.

She watched him over her shoulders and silently beckoned him with her eyes, little known to her, he needed no invitation, he came on his own accord.

Closing the door behind him, he began the quotidian slow dance.

“Give it to me”, he purred in the red lady’s ears. Two subtle blinks of her eyelids and he knew she was onto his game. He moved his hands from her hips to her back, twirling her in the direction of her clutch, which he sighted on the bedside table. She askance, twisted his fingers mid air. Not betraying his male chauvinistic tendencies, he didn’t humph at all  and  indulged her in her own style of salsa as he grabbed her hands and bent her all the way back.

Unimpressed by her lack of strength, he waited to hear the satisfying crunch of her vertebrae as Supermassive black hole reverberated his mind. He took out a pocket knife and designed a matching intricate choker across her neck and dumped her unceremoniously at the foot of the bed and took the final strides that would help him possess what he had waited so long to get his hands on.

He put the pen in his mouth like a cigar, enjoying the cognac smell of it’s body. He wanted it for so long. Now that he had it, he could feel his heart fluttering like a humming bird’s wings.

He sunk onto the satin sheets and lay admiring his latest addition to his covetable collection as the pristine white carpet camouflaged the lady in red.