Once there was a forest. Lion is the king of the forest. It used to improve the conditions in the forest. Believing in the theory that everyone should be safe. The Lion gave more priority to animal welfare. As a part of that, it wanted to appoint a special animal to guard the boundaries of the forest. Its duty was to observe the arrival of hunters and inform the king of animals. One day the lion arranged a meeting with the animals. Lion asked, ‘Is anyone interested in carrying out protection duties in the forest boundaries?’ all the animals looked at each other but none came forward.

The lion first looked at the elephant. ‘The harvesters should hide in the bushes. The elephant’s body will not cooperate with that,” said the fox, and the lion also thought. The elephant hummed. This time the lion looked at the bear. “Even hunters get scared when they see a bear. For self-defense they start hunting from near it. If the bear gets caught by them, there will be no one to give you information.’ said the fox. Then lion looked at the deer and said, ‘Deer can run as fast as air. But cowardice is its innate quality, so I think it does not have the ability to give you information,’ said the fox, and the deer was saddened by those words. Then lion looked at the wild goat and rabbit. ‘Even if we look at them, we are drooling. And if the hunters see them. Will they settle down? Don’t have a delicious dinner on the spot!’ The fox laughed and both of them bowed their heads in shame.

The wolf gathered all its guts and said, ‘Dear king…. you are not even looking at carnivores? ‘ . ‘But will you stay?’ asked the lion. ‘It’s not about me…it seems reasonable to hand over the responsibility of protecting the forest to fox. As it is excellent in sensing the weaknesses of others.’ the wolf spoke out what’s on his mind. ‘If the animal king approves, then I agree…!’ the fox expressed his desire, ‘Is the wolf a fool? But if you and the wolf are entrusted with the responsibility of protection, each of you should perform weekly duties. If one is guarding, the other must give the food to I give to it.’ said the lion. Both of them are okay with the conditions because they are assigned by lion king. The first week was decided by the wolf.

The lion used to eat a part of the meat and send the remaining part to the wolf by the fox. But the fox gave him only a little. Because it was not enough, the wolf used to complain about his hunger.  ‘I have brought what lion gave. However, if you concentrate on work, you will not feel hungry. If you are saying that you are half-starved… I think you are not paying much attention to work,’ said the fox. The wolf got upset and decided to dedicate more attention to its work.

After a week, it was the fox’s turn. The wolf brought the food given by the lion for the fox, but it could find the fox nowhere. It went a little further in search. Meanwhile the wolf noticed him coming towards it while some people are chasing it. Seeing that, the wolf thought that the hunters are coming towards the forest. Admiring the fox’s sincerity in his work, he ran to the lion. ‘My lord… hunters are coming into the forest. The fox tries to run away from them.’ said the wolf.  The lion suddenly roared. After a while, only the fox came to where the wolf came,’ Dear fox, where are the hunters who came after you?’ the wolf asked anxiously. ‘When I turned over and scared them, they just simply ran way’ the fox answered to the wolf and the lion. 

 Meanwhile, the rabbit came there screaming and said, ‘Our fox sneaked for the chickens in that village. People noticed it and chased it.’ With that, the lion anger went to peaks. ‘If you were put on guard to alert from the hunters, you go to steal chickens for your selfish needs?’ the lion went his anger. ‘I was under the illusion that you were sincere about your work, but I could not realize that you are so rubbish.’ said the wolf. ‘ Dear wolf friend, from now on, I am handing over the entire responsibility of forest protection to you. The fox will help you. If the fox doesn’t listen to what you say, I will end its story with my paw tomorrow’ warned the lion.