” Is he looking here? Do you think he likes me?” I ask my friend rashi as I stand in the corner of the corridor, my body starts to shiver and hands start to go chilly just by his thought.

“Yes, He’s looking at those weird striped trousers that you’re sporting today.” Replied Rashi. She never misses an opportunity to shatter my dreams about Sameer. Knowing full well that he won’t reciprocate my feelings because he would never pick a short dress-high heel girl over a trouser-converse girl, I still find myself daydreaming about him.

We walk to maths class, and I see Sameer sitting on my seat. With chills of nervousness running down my spine, I go towards to my seat and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is “Get up” like seriously, what is get up, how can I say this to the guy whose single thought is enough to depart my conscious mind into this delusional world where I talk to him everyday, hold his hand and look at his dark brown hair being flown away by the strong wind. Oh what a world it would be! Such a fool I am.

He looks at me with those dark glittery doe eyes, eyes that can crush my soul and driveme to commit any crime. ” I’m sorry Rashmi for taking your seat but can you please adjust for today.” He smiles at me. I swear to god if at this point he would have asked me to poke a pen through my eye I would have done that without any second thoughts. And hence I agreed and sat on the last seat.

Dopamine and serotonin levels peak as my mind is consumed by the brief conversation I just had with him. I question if this is love. Or perhaps I’m being obseseed. Who knows what love is; all I know is that I cannot stop admiring his unending beauty and his bizarre demeanour. Nothing is more beautiful than what I’m going through right now.