I’m Kaavya the author of this story and is new to field to literature. So, I welcome all reviews to improve my upcoming works hoping for your support.

First, I would like to tell the readers that this story would cast a spell around you and is wrapped with fantasy and suspense. So just don’t hesitate to read this story written by a mere amateur.

This story starts with the protagonist named Kaia who is getting her stuffs ready to move to her dream destination (France) to pursue her higher education as she had planned and wished for since her teen. She almost got all things done and was ready to sleep while her flight is to be boarded by the noon of next day. As soon as the first ray of sunrise dawn upon her face through the window she arose as she was really excited to start the day of reaching her ambition. She soon got ready and was almost close to bid a last goodbye before leaving the airport, she felt a little dizzy and didn’t consider it much as a matter and continued to board the flight. On her flight she found that one of her co-passengers is an old friend of Kaia and was also headed to the same university. soon while the flight was mid air there was an abnormality in the weather but surprisingly visible only to Kaia and none of the other passengers. She tried asking if her old friend can see but the friend gave a weird stare and mockingly asked Kaia if it’s her first time on a flight. Kaia panicked not knowing how to react and decided to just close her eyes tight and sit stiff and accept the fate while a thunder struck the exact window next to Kaia while she passed out of fear and found herself in the middle of an ocean floating in air with another man who was claimed to have been lost in the middle of an ocean because of the curse of a god. This man was calm and also consoled Kaia who was frightened. Kaia asked him why has she ended in that place without committing any mistake like him and the man said you are here because I wanted to pass on my power to you for making it useful instead of being wasted with a cursed wanderer like him the power was that Kaia would know the lifespan of every person she meets but can selectively help some to postpone their deaths based on their good deeds but without their knowledge. If any single person suspects that they are alive because of her she dies the next minute passing the power back to the man. Kaia was initially scared by the final condition of having the power yet did not deny the offer. she was totally unaware of the fact that the man was cursed for passing on his powers to mortals and killing enormous number of innocent souls like Kaia.