Everyday we grow in different ways in our life, we face challenges, fear, success, failure, and so on. These are part of our life cycle but sometimes we shattered by our own feelings and start doubting ourselves, our mind/ brain is a powerful tool.  Let’s get to know how our mind controls the thoughts and emotions- In a scientific way if we see there are two parts of mind that is conscious and subconscious.  Conscious mind is present behind the forehead, at prefrontal cortex which is responsible for thinking and voluntary actions whereas our subconscious mind is responsible for involuntary actions and has powerful force, what we habitually thinks it stores in our subconscious mind.  

Our conscious mind is  the creative one, it decide what we want in our life what we want to do, it fulfill our desire, wished and more. On the other side our subconscious mind act as habit mind like  think positive and good, good will happen in your life  think evil, negative will happen   Our personality also depends on what we think  all day,  to attain peace of mind and health our subconscious has to be strong in a positive way. This means that whatever we claim mentally our subconscious mind accept it as true and store it as memory, or we can say nature of thought is decided by subconscious mind and it response accordingly.  Our subconscious mind don’t argue towards whatever decision we make it creates imprint in a stubborn way. If you signal it a wrong  information it accepts it as true and gives you the experience of your thought/idea. 

Another system which works on our mind is belief system-  you might have experience whenever you allow yourself to change any habit, any experience, any thought or mental process. It is very challenging you feel to ask why I have to do this change? what is the need? because your subconscious is not ready accept that change, it will keep dragging you to follow your old routine/ habit. I know it is difficult to make changes in our habits but its not impossible, the reason is because we don’t want to come out of our comfort bubble.  Belief system works in both ways either negative or positive, as for example if you want to achieve your goals but your belief is not strong enough and you constantly doubt yourself, command negative thoughts to your mind so, you will never achieve that goal in your life. To gain success, wealth, fame you have to make your belief  strong, in this also we face challenges because source of belief comes from- events, knowledge, past experiences, environment. You might have observe your surrounding if someone constantly calls you weak, useless, unimportant or if somebody suggest you do any work according to their ways how you will react?  but  there is situation every person reacts differently to same suggestion because of  belief system and  subconscious mind. 

This entire concept of mind is entirely within our control; it takes time, but if you allow and accept positive change, you will feel more powerful, you will learn to face challenges, you will learn to overcome failure, you will learn how to control emotions and thoughts, and you will achieve mental stability before making any decisions. So, never lose hope or faith – if you want to become your new self, you must repeat the procedure until your subconscious accepts the new habit. Manifest your desired lifestyle and personality since it all starts with your thoughts and beliefs.