It’s a story, A story about ending 

Happy or sad you can decide that

Here the main lead and female lead doesn’t play any roles 

there thinking play with there souls

It’s about two person trying to think for each other about what they want as compared to what they get 

A story which doesn’t not get the deserving End

But, get the End it is meant for

Story about a Man who say” willing to do any thing to be with you (even hurt her unintentionally)”

And woman who says ” I love you but that doesn’t mean I will hurt myself to prove that love”

The person want to be togethe ,the soul want to be together …

But the heart getting hurt by getting together what the heart want?or what the heart deserve?

The ending can be a sad ending or can be a happy ending you can decide

For me it will be.

                                                    to be continued….