I woke up early in the morning. I took my phone near my head as usual, and I gazed at my phone. It was 5 a.m. I thought I should sleep again, as I always do, because 05 AM is like half a night for me, and I mostly woke up at 09 AM. So I closed my eyes to fall asleep, but suddenly I thought that I would better go to the prayer mosque near my apartment. It’s been a long time since I prayed in the morning or saw the morning view from outside my flat. So I washed my mouth and cleaned my face, did ablution, and went to the mosque.

It was cold outside because it was mid-December; cold breezes were passing through my nose to my head, and I felt calm and quiet. I just wore a leather jacket along with a woollen scarf around my neck and shoes with socks, so cold breezes were unable to pass through my body anywhere, I was strict in following my mom’s instructions regarding my health and fitness. After prayer, I walked towards a park back to my apartment, full of greenery, trees, and flowers all across the park. In society, people used to come with their families and children there for jogging and other health activities. I was there alone because my apartment was too far from my friends’ apartments I used to stay outside the area of my college as the room rents were high near my college and I was from a middle-class family that my father could not bear that much expense.

As I entered the park, I just walked for some minutes above the cold, moist grasses. After a while, I sat down on a reddish concrete bench, gazing towards a beautiful and clean artificial waterfall. Coloured fish were swimming under the water, and they too were enjoying the cold weather and beautiful morning. Gazing at the waterfall, I started thinking about my life and future planning. For a week, I had not done any extra work for my skill development even though I had bundles of college assignments incomplete, and for a month, I was in search of a good platform to get a part-time job that would pay for my extra expenses and help me buy some essential things for my uses. I also had some plans travel to south India because it’s really hard to ask for money from family for every small expense, so I decided to do a part-time job. Even though I had my daily college classes and I had to go to college passing through two metro junctions, it would take me one and a half hours to get there, and I would have daily assignments to do. After returning from college I would do an evening shift after getting a part-time job that I am in search of. I had only a thousand rupees for 20 days, so I was thinking how to pass a wall of 20 days with just a thousand rupees. While I was lost in my mind’s planning, the phone bell rang and vibrated. Suddenly I came back to real life, and I sighed a long breath, picked up the phone, and it was my mom, and she was shocked that how an earth I woke up early in the morning because everyone knows in my family that I never wake up before 9 or 10 a.m. So she started talking to me, asking about my daily work and my studies, I talked to my whole family for more than an hour, and then I went to my apartment because it was 9 a.m. and I had to be ready for college.