Recently many have been speaking about the dancing Serbian lady. Some of them have been said that she have  possessed  by some spirit that’s why she have been dancing in middle of the night in the street . And also many had tired to take vedio but she will try to kill them with knife and this vedio particularly upload in tik tok and YouTube in 2019 And in the first vedio she was dancing in front of an hospital so many has taught she have been mentally diseased but there is no any assurance about that and many also reported this is hoax or prank and no any evidence or no any report are filed that people have been killed by her. So probably this have been made for trend of urban legend stories of creepy pasta or else then that maybe,these are things which i have been heard over and i think this may be fake because if there is the lady dancing like that nobody has been reported and no any report has been submitted then this may be rumour for freaking out people to talk about it . 

Is that true that evil, spirit or ghost exists? Or some rumour which made by an urban legend stories.