Alex spotted Isabella walking into the woods wearing the same gown Anne used to wear. His heart skipped a beat when he realized that his past was about to repeat itself and this time there might be no redemption. Alex called out her name, but Isabella kept on walking deeper into the forest and didn’t even look back. Alex started running after her then suddenly smoke started appearing around him and nothing was visible anymore. Isabella was no longer in sight. Alex started panicking. He heard someone crying for help. He thought it was Isabella’s voice. The voice was getting louder and louder, Alex realized it was Anne’s voice. A shiver ran down his spine. That was the moment Alex understood that he would have to pay a hefty price for the sins he had committed. Before Alex could utter a single word, after recovering from the shock, the voice suddenly changed and this time it was Isabella’s voice. It was getting harder to breathe, Alex was feeling so helpless but before he could do anything to save Isabella. He was suddenly jerked awake by an alarm. Alex found himself gasping for breath in his bed. Sweat-soaked body trembled with relief as he realized it had all been a vivid, terrifying dream. Trying to regain his composure, he got up and prepared for another ordinary day. But when he stepped into the living room, the air was sucked out of his lungs, and his heart shattered into a million pieces. There stood Isabella, wearing that same cursed gown that had haunted his nightmares. Just like that Alex knew that the beginning of another nightmare had arrived. Panic surged through his veins with panic and desperation, Alex asked Isabella Why is she wearing this gown. It belongs to Anne; how does she even have this? Isabella, confused by Alex’s distress, explained, that She and Anne bought the same gown together during their college trip to Bali. It was long before that tragic incident. It’s her gown, and why she’ll wear the clothes of a dead person? Speechless and overwhelmed, Alex struggled to comprehend Isabella’s words. He couldn’t find the right words to express his fear. He quickly said goodbye to Isabella and rushed off to work. To get things off his mind, Alex called his longtime friend, Cole. He explained everything to him. Fear was evident in his voice. Cole told Alex not to worry about anything. No one knows what happened that night in the forest. Anne stabbed herself because she was under the influence of some spirit that overpowered her mind. That jungle is haunted, not many make it out alive at night. This is what people say and believe who live near that jungle. We also believe that, Alex. When we went there to look for Anne, we saw her dead and that knife was in her hand with no one else in sight. Even police found only her fingerprint on the knife. So, no need to involve the police again. Nothing could calm Alex’s mind now. He knows he was guilty. They could have saved Anne’s life. She was still conscious at that time. But Cole convinced him not to because no one would believe them, and they could be labeled as murderers, or what if the spirit comes after them next? Not knowing what to say anymore Alex ended the call with a deep sigh and they decided to meet in the evening at Alex’s home. When Alex returned home, the door was locked, he guessed Isabella must’ve gone outside to get groceries. He was about to open the lock when he heard some sort of noise coming from inside. A shiver ran down his spine. He opened the door with his trembling hands to find no one at home. He switched on the light to find a pool of blood on the floor and Isabella was lying there dead. Alex felt like his heart stopped beating and fear pierced through his heart, making him breathless. It was a pivotal moment—a turning point in their fates. Unable to stand Alex stumbled on his feet and his hand and their photo frame fell out of the cabinet. His eyes saw the phone that was hidden behind the photo frame. He regained some energy and went through the phone. Alex couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He saw Cole and Isabella arguing about something in the video. Isabella was asking Cole if he said anything to Alex to make him distressed. He was acting weird in the morning. Cole denied it and told her that he was talking about that night with him on the call. Cole was getting closer to Isabella, and she was telling him to leave her alone and not touch her. She threatened him that she’d tell everything to the police and Alex. Isabella knew Cole killed her friend Anne. She was quiet only for the sake of Alex whom she loved more than anything in this world and she would do anything for him, even hide a murder. She knew Cole killed Anne out of jealousy and betrayal. Anne was cheating on him. Cole made her believe that Alex would be counted as a murderer because he kept quiet and didn’t tell anyone about it. Unable to comprehend the situation Alex didn’t know what to do. His wife is dead, his best friend was murdered years ago, and his only friend is a murderer. Notification of a message popped up on his screen. It was from Isabella. Alex guessed she must have set a timer for it to be sent. Isabella was telling him to go to the police if she dies in the message and everything will be alright soon. Just like that it became another cursed night for Alex. Everything ended for him. After calling the police he stabbed himself with the same knife Isabella died and he took his last breath beside her.