As the legends with passing generations have claimed the magical presence of Lord Shiva on Kailash Parvat, Mridul embarked on a long jouney to explore the mountains to witness if anything miraculous was actually present there.It was said that Lord Shiva till date resides there calmly meditating in the midst of snow capped peaks.

There was a humour that locals living near the parvat used to experience some kind of divine energy or a presence around them with sightings of a very rare animal which isn’t even believed to exist known as a Yeti. After hearing all of this, Mridul got super intrigued and sought for a discovery trip to Kailash Parvat. As soon as he reached near the local village, he braced himself to be standing at the holiest grounds of Lord Shiva with him taking part in rituals of worshipping. After spending few days in the village he started to pack and prepare himself to go on a trekking expedition to the parvat.

Mridul started his trek with a few locals he found at the base camp, he was told that there were sightings of yeti and to be alert and cautious all the time because their attack is fatal to humans. Him being even more curious started to walk through the glaciers and cliffs faster in order to see the yeti but couldnt get any sight of it. As they reached the top cliff near the parvat, he saw one of the most beautiful sights ever which was Lake mansarovar with the mountains gleaming above its crystal clear waters. It was indeed a sight to see for the eyes.

The trek guide said that they couldnt go ahead because of hailstorms and would have to camp there for the night, then return in the morning. Mridul being satisfied went to sleep peacefully at night. In the midst of the dark sky, Mridul heard a strange noise which woke him up. He dared not to go out after what his guide had advised him, the noises grew louder and they were very strange, never heard of by humans. So he decided to go back to sleep, later in the morning when he woke up, he was his colleagues surrounded by an area. Curious enough to see it, he went there and to his surprise he saw a huge footprint.The footprint wasn’t an average human foot print, it was thrice the size of the human feet which made it more mysterious. Became happy, he took a picture of it  and went home to show it to his friends. 

Now his friends couldn’t believe it, they said the picture might be edited or Mridul might have gotten pranked by his colleagues because the concept of a yeti wasn’t familiar to everyone and it was still considered a myth. Maybe it could be the work of his colleagues to prank him or the strange noises and inhumanly sounds at night were actually of a yeti lurking around them ?. Maybe, maybe not.