It was a day of significance for the Alley Cat Band

A dead cat was found lying in the alley on the sand.

The Chief Inspector of cats came to have a look

He took down some points in his pocketbook

“Poisoned”, he wrote,” Then beaten with a stick,”

Undoubtedly, the death was very quick.

The sergeant put up a notice on the wall of a house,

“Whoever catches the killer shall be the rewarded mouse.”

The Alleycats were excited, they spread out everywhere

They hid behind curtains, they hid on the stairs

Some prowled in the garden, some walked on the street

But the cat killer none of them ever did meet

At last a brave little cat called Hon

Walked into a large house, holding a gun.

The house had dark windows and heavy doors,

Inside, a maid was sweeping the floor

Hon passed by her, unnoticed, into a room

The room was dark and dusty, the picture of gloom.

On a bed in the center, a fat old body lay

She had a stick beside her, and a bottle of poison on a tray,

Hon wasted no time, he whisked out his cellular phone,

And waited till he heard a “miaow” on the dial tone

He spoke to the Chief Inspector and gave him the news

He promised to arrive soon with his army of mews.

And soon, there was a ‘Rat-a’tat’and Hon opened the door,

And hundreds of armed cats came marching across the floor

The Chief Inspector, with his dart gun, led his army of cats

The maid dropped broom in fright and hid under a mat

Hon led them to the room where the culprit lay,

Who surprised was hundreds of snarls coming her way

The Inspector shot his dart gun loaded with fish bones

The Alleycats started throwing their stones

With a length of eating gut, Hon tied the lady well.

And from her bed, the fat old woman fell!

Thousands of valley cats cheered as the culprit was dragged to the jail

The Honorablerable Judge of Cats refused to let her out on bail.

So a Court of Justice was held the following day

Where the Chief Inspector had a lot to say,

Hon was brought in as a witness, in the case of cat killing

And the old lady was accused of the killing

The Inspector brought the proof-the bottle poison and the stick “There’s blood smeared on it” he decided with a lick.

So the old woman was charged with the most offensive crime Which is murdering a prowling cat at night time.

Hon got his mouse, and the killer her life imprisonment in the jail

And as the judge said, there would be no bail,

So a cell large enough to fit her constructed.

In this gloomy prison, the fat old lady was led.

So there the cat killer spends the rest of her life

And Hon enjoyed eating his mouse with a fork and knife.