Once there lived a poor Brahmin named Swabhavakripna, in a small village. He lived alone as he had no friends or relatives. He used to beg for alms in the village for his living. He was also a miser and he always kept whatever little food he received as alms in a pot. He put the pot beside his bed. He kept a watch on the pot and he ate only when he was very hungry and cannot bear his hunger. He lived his life in this way.

One day, he received a large quantity of rice gruel in alms. As he reached home he filled the pot with rice gruel first and then ate the remaining. He was very happy to have his pot full of rice. He kept a watch continuously on the pot while he was lay awake in his bed.

After a long time, he fell asleep. As he slept he started dreaming about his pot full of rice gruel. He dreamt that there was a badly famine in the village and he sold out his pot full of rice gruel for hundred silver coins. As he got such high money he bought a pair of goats and within few months his goat gave birth to kids. And then he sold all his goats for some buffaloes and cows.

Soon, the buffaloes and cows gave birth to kids and they also gave a lot of milk. He used to do business of milk and milk products like butter and curd. In this way he a very rich and popular person. Everyone know him and want to meet him.

He kept dreaming that then he bought some horses and a big house which have four buildings. He became so popular that other Brahmins who were very wealthy, was so impressed with him that they want to marry their daughter with him. Within few months he got married with a beautiful girl in a grand ceremony.

After some time his wife gave birth to a son. He named his son as Soma Sharma. His son was very naughty. He did not listen to them and would play and make noise all time.

One day the Brahmin scolded him and asked to stop but he would not listen. When he said to her wife for this, she could not hear him as she was busy in her household activities. Swabhavakripna became very angry and he kicked his wife. As the Brahmin was in dream, he kicked in air and suddenly his leg hit his pot. The pot broke immediately and all the rice gruel spilled down. This all woke him up.

Then he realised that he had been dreaming. He also realized that all the rice gruel he had collected and was happily dreaming about was lost now. He became very disappointed.


 The wise indeed say:

One should not build castles in the air