It was a great day for Kevin when he came to know that he had received a call letter from one of the best companies. He regretted that he could not celebrate as he had no friends there. He was slightly disappointed and peeped through the window. He observed a pleasant atmosphere outside and decided to have an evening walk thinking that it would help his mood to be normal.

When he was walking along the road he saw a strange woman sitting in the lane and was talking to herself with a book in her hand. He slowly walked across her trying to watch what was she doing there. His fuddled expression disappeared as soon as she glanced at him.She was looking gawky. As he tried to walk fast and get away from her she yelled at him asking to stop and gave the book to him with a weird smile.

He looked down at the book, took it and tried to return it to her. But to his surprise, there was no one there.He was not in a mood to worry about how a woman disappeared in seconds and took the book to home. He threw the book aside on the couch and walked straight to his room.He was struggling hard trying to get some sleep and suddenly he had a flash of the book.He took the book and started observing keenly as only half of the book was printed, he flipped the pages finally concluded that it was a book which was full of real life experiences from the ghosts, he decided to read the book and lied on the couch. At the start, he didn’t feel anything and everything was normal.

After a couple of minutes, everything suddenly changed when he heard a creepy sound from the bedroom. At that moment he really felt very horrible and stopped reading the book and tried to mail his friends about the job who were living overseas. As he was sleepy he went to his room and pushed himself onto the bed.Late at the midnight, he heard the same creepy sound from the corner of the room he suddenly woke up and shook his head and made his eyes wide open trying to get a clear look.

He trembled with fear and jumped out of the bed as he saw a giant shadow of a man with an axe in his hand.He ran out of the room without his senses and reached the couch.Then he had a look at the book as the pages from the book were flattering as he reached the book it stopped. He took the book and turned the pages till the end it was printed and read the last story printed in the book saw the picture of the lady at the end of the story and was shocked after knowing that it was the story of the woman who gave him the book. In that story, it was written that she disappeared from the home and was never found. He was a little scared and tried not to think about it anymore.

He lied on the chair and was trying to relax his mind. He was dozing off until he heard the same creepy sound, this time not from the bedroom but from behind his chair. The cops arrived at Kevin’s house after two days from this incident when the house owner complained that Kevin was missing.They found no clue in the house except a book where it ends with a picture of Kevin.The cops ignored it.After few days there was a rumour in the colony saying that a strange man handed over a book to a girl and she refused to take it and threw it away. Few people at that incident refer that man to be Kevin.