Once upon a time there’s a girl named chinki. She is very bubbly and cute girl.

She lives near a forest, while roaming in forest she fell into a pit. She tried many times to get out of the pit but she fails because she is very small in height. Then she started crying. On hearing her crying a tall boy came there and started laughing over her situation.

“Hahahhahah , look you little, what can you do?” Said the tall boy

Chinki pleaded ” please get me out of here.”

But the boy moved on without helping her.

After 2 hours some villagers found chinki and helped her. After that chinki didn’t went in the forest alone .

One day her mother asked her to get some dry branches to cook food.

The sky was dark and stormy but she went on.  She collected the branches and on her returning back it was drizzling.

Lights went off because of the stormy air.

While walking through the forest she heard someone crying “help, help!

Its a boy but she was not able to see his face. She asked the boy why is he crying.

The boy in reply said that he is afraid of the dark and wanted to go back home. So the girl helped him to get of the forest. They both reached the village there were lights every where. When the boy turned his face to say thankyou , he saw that the girl was the one he didn’t helped.

He felt very ashamed and said sorry.

The girls in turn said that you should always help the needy ones. And never brag about your strength.