After Diwali, I reached my hostel and none of my friends were there. So, I called one of my friends, who had a job in the Secretariat. He had a colorless corporate life. So, my mischievous mind got an idea and I forced him to go and burst crackers in the Evening Department of my university. We did so but I forgot my bag in his car. I asked him to get my bag back. He went to his office the next day and took my bag along. But he took a bike instead of a car and parked it at the same place where he used to park his car. By chance, Lucy, the sniffing dog went around the bag 5-6 times. They developed suspicion. So, the bomb squad, ambulance, fire brigade, and CRPF team, all were called. He was dazzled when he learned that and tried to save me by saying it was his bag. The bomb squad, wearing protective gear, opened the bag and found my identity card. Their suspicion increased as they thought my friend has lied to them. They asked him to call me. I was on the bus at that time. So, when I reached they picked me up from the bus stand and took me to the parking lot of the secretariat. I was unaware of all the mess. They asked me to show my Aadhar card and other documents. I did the same. Then, the officer from the bomb squad made a video of every single thing inside my bag. As they were picking the stuff one by one, I got more and more embarrassed as the things in my bag were love letters, candies, apples, some colors, tissues, etc. Finally, they let me go. “Don’t forget me” said the chief of the bomb squad and the people from other departments giggled within themselves and I stood there flushed with embarrassment and thought how a small mischief was made an issue of national importance by dear Lucy.