Evening’s dropping out , the city is welcoming a wonderful occasion

Seems like i am lost in that location

Or maybe i lost my bag in there

For someone to carry something similar to mine

Why wouldn’t it be a coincidence

Love had to drag me in front of you

Suddenly we exchanged baggage of feelings 

How i would love to manage everything inside

Back to the age when my baggage had nothing 

But yours was totally shinning

All we needed tis to take something out of it

And that is to tell you

Life has done plenty of stuff on me

It may have gotten rough on me

So why i let the love slip in

And let me chip in

Step into love life and have you there 

Lost in the crisp of taste of how love feels you

Lost in the data i need to accelerate to have you feel special

Come on let me chip in 

Step into the love life and have you there

This festival’s never ending

 Too many eye contacts to evade cause i need to hurry before someone else invade

I carried this weightage of love for you

With this baggage i wanted to return

Mistakenly exchanged or coincidentally arranged for us to just glue our palms

As the noise in the city calms and we are away

Why don’t we just free our upper view and see the open world , laying down together

I need to open up with you somehow

Cause you pick and choose when everything’s available to take

Maybe i fail to impress to an extent but give me time

And you’d come back to recollect from me

From one topic to another you’re my favorite discussion

 Select me and let me be your top pick

We’ll be lost in our heads and only speak only to be lost under the ceilings and forget to even look around

Reminding us

And this is mentally something

You’re so rentally living in me little bits

 I demand your attention

You’re so settled in me

 I demand to be with you

You’re so permanently moved in

Oh i completely love you forever

Too far , but isnt it amazing


 Isnt it amazing?