Once upon a time, in a small village amidst lush greenery, lived a little girl named Rose . She had a heart as pure as the clear running river  and a spirit as lively as the vibrant blue color . Rose’s most cherished possession was a beautiful parrot named Red , whose vibrant feathers sparkled  with shades of emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Rose and Red were inseparable companions. They spent their days exploring the nearby woods, where Red would sing on Rose’s shoulder, chirping melodious tunes while she collected flowers. They shared secrets and dreams, forming an unbreakable bond of friendship.

One day, news of a grand bird festival reached the village. Birds from all around the world were expected to gather, showcasing their talents and colors. The event filled Rose’s heart with excitement, and she knew she wanted Red to participate. With determination in her eyes, she began training Red for the festival.

Together, they practiced flying routines and learned beautiful melodies. Red would mimic Rose’s laughter and sing along with her, creating a symphony of joy that echoed through the village. The little parrot proved to be a quick learner, and her faith in Red grew stronger with each passing day.

Finally, the day of the festival arrived. The village was decorated with colorful flags and streamers, buzzing with anticipation. Rose and Red joined the crowd, their heart full with excitement. The stage was set, and one by one, the birds showcased their remarkable talents. When it was Red’s turn, Rose gently placed him on her outstretched arm, whispering “come on Red “. With a flutter of wings, Red floated through the air, captivating the audience with his graceful flight. He twirled and looped, leaving trails of vibrant colors behind him. As Rose sang a sweet song , Red joined in, his voice harmonizing with hers, mesmerizing everyone present.

The festival judges were spellbound by their performance, applauding . Rose’s face lit up with pride and joy as Red gracefully landed on her shoulder, basking in their well-deserved applause. They won the competition and she got a prize money which she wanted for her study in the city . Rose decided to move to the city and she left red in the village saying “I will meet you soon Thankyou red ”