This is a tale of a lady who used to live by her own all alone on the sea shore . She was a fisherwoman by profession who was brilliant at her work. She was about the age of 50 but she had no signs of aging on her, her face had many wrinkles but a glowing skin and she had a very fat body still active. She was a strong independent woman who earned her living by selling fish to the nearby market. 

One day, on the way to the market her eyes caught sight of a little girl riding her bicycle. She always wanted to ride a bicycle but she didn’t know how to ride it. Her head was filled with dreams of riding a bicycle merrily on the roads of her village where everyone is gazing at her in astonishment. Whenever she gets a sight of any bicycle this dream would overwhelm her. She used to feel pity over herself that there was no one who could help her learn to ride the bicycle. One fine day she said to herself , I will not let this happen to myself and I will make my wish come true on my own . She took all her savings and brought a bicycle for herself. She wanted to learn to ride the bicycle in a month so that she could go to her village on the day of her birthday proudly riding on her bicycle. She gasped at her new bicycle and with all her courage sat on it and tried to pedal it in an open field. To her surprise she started moving as she dreamt of but crashed badly just after moving only two or three steps forward. She felt hurt and her eyes watered but she didn’t quit. She tried over and over again thrashing on the ground and painful scars emerged on her elbows and knees of constant wounds. She was so determined to learn cycling in a month that even the pain of her wounds couldn’t stop her. After a long exhausting practice she now had conquered her fantasy of riding the bicycle. She was too proud of her and saw herself as her hero. There was immense joy in heart thinking that finally she could pursue the dream she was so much fascinated for. After one more week of practicing so that she doesn’t mess up, the day came. 
She woke up early in the morning , bathed , rinsed her bicycle and prayed for blessings of the Lord. She was all set to live her dream. She sat on her bicycle and started paddling. The journey started and her face was brightened as she entered her village. All the people were long gazing at her just to confirm that she was the same person they know. She was flattered with the compliments that she heard about her bicycle and her riding skills. The dream was even more beautiful to live than it was in her head.