The workings of destiny have always been beyond my comprehension. How was it that he stood right in front of me when I myself saw him die three years ago? I was there, I checked his pulse and I closed his eyes, his blue lifeless eyes and today the same blue eyes were looking at me. Creepy as it was, a part of me wanted to jump and shout and celebrate. The love of my life was alive, and he was standing right in front of me. But something was off, something was not clicking. His blue eyes were so blank, this was not the same blue eyes i fell for, this was not the man i held so close to my heart, these hands aren’t the same as the one that touched all parts of me. He is not the same. or maybe this wall of glass between us is making it difficult for me to identify him.  

What possible explanation can anyone give for the guy i saw lying dead on the autopsy table standing in front of me? None. And I could tell everyone was equally confused at the sight of this miracle. The police was examining him for any weapons. I enter the interrogation room and he looks at me. Not even for a second the eye contact breaks between us, but this is so different. His eyes bring me chills. I thought it was because of the glass, but this isn’t my sam. 

” Hi Julien” he says. My heart stops. The room is suddenly too small and there’s not enough air here for me to breath. I walk out of the room, as I leave I hear a chuckle behind me. 

After a minute or so, i went back to the room with my seniors. He was looking right at the mirror. He knows I’m on the other side. 

“I’m Victor, Sam’s brother, twin brother and I’m here for revenge.”