There was a jungle ,where all the animals used to live together happily.Suddenly one fine day an elephant came into the was very proud .it was a powerful elephant.

That elephant first declared himself the king of the jungle.Everyone in the jungle obeyed that elephant.Whoever does not obey to the elephant’s command , they used to get critically punished by the elephant. 

All the animals are worried about the act of elephant . One fine day Monkey , Bear ,Rabbit , Deer and all the animals said to that elephant – “My Lord ! Don’t punish us in this way , We used to live together before your arrival into the jungle , We eat together we live together . We request you that you also consider all animals are equal ” . 

Elephant ignored the words of the animals .Elephant started beating everyone as soon as he got a chance. 

Here the animals started thinking how to get rid of that elephant.The Rabbit thought a lot and suggested a solution.Everyone liked the solution. 

One fine morning all the animals in the jungle went to the elephant . all the animals said that -“My Lord! We are all your servants . we all wanted you to sit on the throne.the throne is on top of the front mountain. the program will be over here tomorrow morning . you please come there “. 

the elephant swelled up with joy.the other day the elephant reached the mountain .the elephants neck was filled with flower garlands .Bear said that – “My Lord! this is your throne , please sit on this throne “.

The animals had raised a wooden throne in the valley with the help of small stones.It was morning.the light of sun had not spread yet.the elephant was blinded by the pride of position . elephant sat on the throne . The next moment the king’s throne fell into the valley along with the elephant.the animals of the forest started dancing with joy.