Shimla as the old capital of the colonial India is , it has many secrets buried within the summer capital. There is more to the mountains and the climate to do with its cold aura. One of the most prestigious girls college in Shimla is an example of the finest British architecture , Upon a lofty hilltop doth it stand, Amid its stern old sentinels -the pines; The fern-clad slope in swift descent inclines Upon a lofty hilltop doth it stand, To leave a view, untrammeled o’er the land. It is rumored to have seen unexpected deaths of many girls due to some food poisoning, just to cause harm to young British girls. But the aura never leaves if the incident is so menacing took place. A hostel floor which is banned even today in St Bede’s College has a story behind it. Two girls from Delhi Parul and Osheen came to Shimla for their higher education from the St Bede’s College . Both of them were bound with friendship and were ready to get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of Navbahar Shimla. Opposite in nature Osheen was a sensitive lovely girl who dressed snow-white and very soft spoken, on the other hand Parul was a bold tom boy character, who loved playing basketball and who was even known in her school for thrashing boys for misbehaving. They both got single rooms opposite to each other and the floor was empty because they arrived early to explore Shimla and neighboring places. Osheen was for the first time far from home and Parul used to help her with home sickness. But there was more to it. Osheen started to feel a cold presence in her room and used to hear ominous chatters. She told this to Parul and got a very casual response ” Stop worrying darlo ! you are just missing home ! ” . But each night kept getting more and more uncomfortable for Osheen. After their routine evening walk Osheen addressed it again but this time more worried. Parul simply nodded and said today try holding a pen and drop it behind you without looking back and if you hear a noise of pen striking the ground then its all in your head. Parul was confident in clearing all of Osheen”s doubts. Osheen tried as her friend told, but the sound of pen striking the floor didn’t come , which she was not expecting and Osheen dropped dead with her heart failing. The pen landed on the carpet. The very next night Parul decided to try the same and the striking was not heard again but Parul dared to turn around and see the pen. Her jaw dropped as well because it was Osheen holding the pen right in front of her.