The first time for everyone is special but sometimes the more special is last. For Sarah, it was her last relationship which resulted in never lasting to everlasting. Now let us see the roller coaster ride of love in Sarah and Vihan’s love life.

Sarah Agarwal was a high school girl pursuing a career in the science stream. She was one of the nerdy students in the class. All you can say about her is that ‘she was a beauty with a brain’. There were 11 boys in the class and except one, all boys saw her as their dream girl. Now let us focus on that one guy named Vihan Ahuja.

Vihan Ahuja was also one of the nerds in the class. He was a new entry in class that year. He was an introverted guy who never spoke too much and always indulged in his tasks. Sarah and Vihan had a great rivalry in terms of studies.

In the first unit test, Vihan ranked 1st and Sarah ranked 2nd. This result makes this story more exciting.

Now, Mr. Mathew, the class teacher decided to reshuffle the class and a lucky draw was organized. In this lucky draw Mr. Mathew would have to pick two chits from the box which had the names of all the students. Coincidently, Sarah seated with Vihan. Gradually, this rivalry turned into friendship. They used to discuss their doubts and developed healthy competition among themselves.

Bit by bit and piece by piece Vihan started falling for Sarah. He used to care for her as no one does. By degrees, that friendship changed into one-sided love. This one day continued for that whole session.

Now here the next session came, and a new enthusiasm was among students as it was the last year of their school life.

Like every day Vihan and Sarah were passing by the corridor and going to their classroom. A roughneck guy intentionally pushed Sarah, this was a time when the whole school saw another personality of Vihan.

He exclaimed with anger, “Hey! Are these eyes or buttons?”

That boy lost his temper and slapped Vihan for talking with him in a rough tone. Vihan also lost his temper and banged up that guy as he misbehaved with Sarah. Sarah managed to control her anger and took him to the medical room. Thereafter, she brought first aid and applied ointment to his wounds. While doing first aid there was a smile on his face and tears in her eyes.

Vihan asked Sarah, “What happened to you Sarah, you are crying but you are smiling too?”

Sarah replied in a deep and soft tone, “Vihan, I am smiling because you are the first guy who fought for me and I am crying because I don’t know why but I am feeling your pain.”

Vihan’s inner soul was saying ‘Sarah, I don’t have the guts to confess my love. I hope you will feel that soon.’

As time went by, Vihan’s love for Sarah increased day by day just like a plant, the sapling of love was sown last year and since that time it is increasing day by day. With time, winter vacation came, and Vihan and Sarah were missing each other so much.

After the vacation, they met and exchanged each other’s vacation experiences.

Now here the most exciting part came, It was 14th February, Valentine’s Day. That day Vihan dressed up like a gentleman and prepared himself as that day he going to confess his love for Sarah.

It was not like Sarah don’t feel for him but she was not confirmed about her feelings.

Vihan decided to break the ice and walked toward her. He gathered all his strength and in recess, in front of the whole class he spoke out her name “Sarah”. On the spur of the moment, there was an awkward silence in the class.

Thereafter, Vihan bent on his leg and sat on one knee, then he started his small speech for her as,

“Sarah, for the last 2 years you have changed my life, I was an introverted guy, who was never friends with anyone and never talked to anyone. The day you came into my life, you made me open myself, and I explored myself more with you. I don’t know what you feel for me but today I gathered all my strength to confess my feeling for you. Sarah, I see my future with you. I want us to grow together. Only you are the one who can control my anger and handle my mood swings. Sarah, I Love You. Will you be my Valentine for the rest of my life? ”

Sarah stood frozen and listened to every single word with a smile on her face and a tear in her eyes. The moment Vihan finished his speech Sarah ran towards him and hugged her so tightly and said, “I Love You too Vihan.”

Before I sign out I want to thank the reader. Thank you for reading this small excerpt so focus fully. I hope you have liked it.