This is the story of a girl who was living an independent life, and a promising future. When everything else is sought in life, Some problems do come uninvited and create a mess of our lives. The same thing happened with Tina too. She was transferred to a small town, and then she moved to small town.  This story is the reflection of the Happenings of her life in the small town, she encounters various problems in the initial days itself, let’s see how she gets her life back to normal Life.


It was past 10’O clock and I was all alone on the lanes. May be this was the routine of the town. I was new to this place, I’ve been recently transferred to this place for a couple of weeks. This branch of our company was running short of experienced workers, so they wanted a few who can do multitasks. I was indeed happy that finally my boss has recognized my talent and honored me with promotion but that promotion was linked to this transfer.  I remembered what my grandma used to quote during all my days with her, Happiness and troubles never come alone. Happiness invites troubles and troubles accompany happiness. To take over this promotion I was bound to take his transfer first, this wasn’t my first transfer but every time before I was given the freedom to choose. But this time may be they knew I would never accept for one such place, I guess that’s the reason they attached his promotion tag. Anyways it’s just a few weeks, until the branch recruits some good people. I just finished my work and was leading back to my apartment. I never saw any city so calm and shadowy at 10’O Clock, this was totally a new experience for me. I was thrilled and at the same time worried too. There was neither a single rickshaw to take me back nor a single person to speak. Initially I didn’t bother this silence but as I walked along my heart pumped to this silence. All I could hear is my heart beat, which somehow reached to its peaks, may be due to my anxiety.


I almost walked three fourth of my journey, I knew it was in vain to get a rickshaw for this short distance now. I even felt bit relaxed after reaching the colony. My apartment was only few lanes away now. I could feel my heartbeat getting back to normal. Soon I reached my apartment and got into lift. I was living on 12th floor and at this late night

I was in no mood to burn calories by preferring steps. I walked to the door, and opened my bag to find the keys, but couldn’t find them anywhere.

I called one of my colleague to find, were they on my table. He found them on my office table. How could I be so irresponsible, at this late night around 11’ O clock I can’t go back to collect my flat keys, nor I could ask anyone else to bring them for me. The reason I knew how much work has been pending and the productive time which I can’t expect them to waste just to bring my keys. Finally I decided to rest in the guest lawn, there were luckily a sofa and few commodities too. I again went back to ground floor; I could see the watchman astonished, he came to me,

Watchman: Mam, is there any problem? Shall I ask someone to attend you?

Me: No, there isn’t any problem. I just forgot my flat keys in the office, so could you please open the guest lawn for me.

Watchman: Sure mam, but I guess you have an alternative. The secretary keeps an additional key of every flat. May be I can find it in the office.

I was just shocked to see their management, though a small town but the way they work is appreciable. I requested him to find those keys.

In no time he came back with those keys, I said I will give back the keys the very next day and he needn’t worry about secretary I would speak to him.

Finally I reached my apartment, I was too tired even get some food. I just walked to freshen up and relax as I knew I was going to have a hectic day again. I was almost 1’O Clock and I was about to go to bed when I got a call from office. I realized that the person to whom I spoke to find about my keys actually left from office to handover my keys two hours ago and haven’t returned back office yet. Now his adds to my worry.

On phone,

Me: Why did you let him go, I didn’t ask him to bring the keys!

Sunil: Am sorry mam but we were worried about you; we thought why to worry you to come back office jus to collect the keys. So Summet said he knows your house and he’ll himself give it to you.

Me: But I didn’t even ask for any help, I got it from my colony secretary. Why do you guys invite problems unnecessarily?

I was really frustrated with those people, now the person left for my house and hasn’t returned yet.

Me: When did he start exactly? Did anyone of you tried to call him?

Sunil: Yes mam, we tried to reach him on phone, but I was prompting switched off. That’s the reason we approached you. And he left just a few minutes after attending your call

Me: Okie fine, let me try his number and find out his location. Till then you guys try to reach his family. May be he went back to his house. Or maybe there’s some emergency at his place. Do let me know once you get any information regarding him.

Sunil: Sure mam, we’ll call you once we get any information.


Weird thoughts occupied my mind after that, I was worried about Summet, at the same time I was surprised to find why did he rushed for my help without even been asked to do. Why hasn’t he reached yet, he was neither at office nor did he reached me.