I become restless and try out everything to find Summet. Meanwhile I get another call from A private number. The person on the other side, disguised himself as Summer. Even I paid no much attention to the number and voice, and went back to sleep with a sigh of relief. But then next day I find cops in my office enquiring about Summet, if he is safe where could he be??


After a hectic day at the office and a really tiring long walk from office to apartment, now I was there on phone. Summet! How could he be so irresponsible, we tried to find him everywhere he could have been! But there was no clue. Even the people in office left all there works and started searching for Summet. At the end all they’ve suggested me is to reach his family but I didn’t want to worry them. But if we don’t find him till morning then we had to take some action, or either the police may be called. I was worried how could, all this be happening, that too during my tenure. Why did he unnecessarily invite all this, and if he really wanted to why did he involve me in this.

Around 3am I got another call,

Me: Hello, Who’s this?

Summet: Hello mam, this is Summet. Am sorry I’ve disturbed you this late. Actually when I got a call from you, I thought I would give the keys myself. And In hurry I couldn’t even inform you.

Me: That’s okie, but where have you been all this while. People have been looking around for you. They’ve even tried to reach your parents. Where are you? How could you be so irresponsible?

Summet: Am really sorry mam, but after starting from office I realized my phone’s off due to low charge and after I rode for a while my bike got some repair. And I had to stop there. I tried to hire some cab, but here in our town we don’t get cabs after 11pm.

Me: But you could have at least tried to reach us through phone. Anyways, where are you right now?

Summet: Sorry mam am going back office now. I just near to office. I’ll be reaching there in a while.

Me: Fine, just inform me once after you reach office, and make sure you finish your work on time and everything’s back to normal at office.

Summet: Sure Mam, and sorry for all the inconvenience caused. Good Night

Finally Summet is safe, and I could sleep peacefully. I was so tired that I didn’t even wait for his another call also, it was 3:30am and I just can wait longer so I slept. Finally with a sigh of relief I slept peacefully.

Next Morning,

I woke around 7am like any other day and got busy with my chores. I knew there was work pending so in fact I had to reach there early today. I forgot to ask about the works pending. Now I really had to buckle up and reach office as early as possible. Moreover after the last night I was decided that I had to finish my work as early as possible and leave this town. And then I walked for office. I could see a completely unexpected scenario there.

I could see many police officers and many people with mixed emotions. I walked to Sunil, one of the employees and asked him what happened,

Me: Sunil, What happened! Why are so many people? And what is the police doing here?

Sunil: Mam, Summet’s parents have lodged his missing complaint. The police came for its enquiry.

Me: Summet hasn’t reached yet?

Sunil: No Mam!

But I remember, when he called me he said he’ll be reaching office in few minutes. And that’s the reason why I actually stopped bothering these people at office again. He called me around 3am and it is 10am now, why isn’t he back to office yet?

Then I checked my phone to see did he actually call or have i just hallucinated things due to stress. What surprised me was the Call list, there was a call but from a private number.

How could I be so irresponsible, I mean how did I actually attend a call from private number. Now I don’t even have any proof that Summet was safe, all what I had is that phone call, but that was too in vain. The police have started their enquiry, now they’ve started digging from the core.

As no surprise, they first came to me for enquiry. It was clear, I was the last person on his call log also he left from office to give me my flat keys. But everyone knew I haven’t asked him to bring them but he insisted himself. In fact I was even unaware about all this until Sunil called up around 1am. But I had to hide from the officers was that Anonymous call from Private number.

I know I was being selfish by hiding these things. But it was again my Career and my life at risk. Am usually afraid of even pity issues and my employers knew it well how I used to be away from every small argument. Out of fear I choose to be shut, rather I tried to know it who actually tried to reach me through Summet. Because everything what happened can’t be all Unplanned. It’s a conspiracy behind with some master mind leading it. Because Summet goes out of office saying he’ll be reaching me, but he hasn’t. While I get the keys from the watchman of the apartment, I disguised it to be there organized work. Is that really what I assumed to be? Then I come to know that Summet has been missing since past few hours. Terrified and worried we try to reach all his friends and looked for him everywhere. But then again I get another call that too from a private number and here’s the twist. That person disguised himself as Summet and haplessly I paid no attention to the voice and number too. If Summet was safe, where is he? Why hasn’t he reached office yet!