Ram was awake all night thinking about his son’s future, he had experienced such sleepless nights before too. His son’s future was all that mattered to him right now. This was the sole reason that he was sending his son to a good private school in the hope that one day his son would be educated and would have a better life than him, he till date teases his parents who did not force him to study and as a result he remained uneducated and ended up being a domestic servant. But now there was nothing he could do, so he decided to give his son a good life and invested in his future. He had all his expectations from his son.

His son, on the other hand, showed interest in studies. From the day he saw his father as a servant and obeying the commands of people younger than him, he made a decision that he would study with a full heart and secure a good job which would ensure a good future for him and his father. He did not like his father as a servant.

But there was some time before he could do that as he was in the eighth standard and there was a long way to cover. Nevertheless, he was determined and was ready for working hard. That was the last day he went to work with his father and it had a big impact on his life.

Seven years later, the son completed his graduation from a renowned government college and secured a decent job in a reputed firm who is willing to send him abroad for further higher studies. This was all that his father had hoped for him. He was really happy to hear about this and wished him all the best. But Harish, on the other hand, had other plans.

“What will I do in that country?”

“I don’t even know proper English”

“No problem, you will learn, you have to come with me dad”

“Who else do I have,” Harish said

Harish was willing to take his dad with him to Canada where they will explore the city together on the weekends and during the weekdays Ram will learn English and Harish will work and study simultaneously. This trip was a year long as the course that Harish was undertaking was a specialized diploma and in a year a lot of things drastically changed.

Harish got a job upgrade in a company in Canada itself which had a relative salary hike of sixty – five percent as compared to the previous job. He got a green card and was now a citizen of Canada. His father on the other hand too secured a job and was now going to receive a green card too.

This was not that his father thought. He never expected that one day of his work will motivate his son to achieve so much. But he was really happy as he and his family got out the servant cycle. This was more than what he had wished for.