*Rachel’s Point of View*

The entire unit was in the arena, backstage of course. I was managing my so called punk rock band who were absolutely late all the time. I was a bit nervous today because I knew Lisa would be here and the fact that Luke was being so secretive about it was anticipating me more than anything.

“5 seconds of summer!” I called out angrily this time, “You have to be performing in about 6 minutes!”

Malcolm came out rushing, “Luke has got candy stuck in his hair!”

“What?” I yelped, “You guys are going to be so late!”

“But just help us!”

“Where’s your stylist?” I asked, irritated.

“She’s trying! Nothing is happening!”

We both ran in, and I saw Luke sitting there frowning about how candy from his hair wouldn’t come out.

“How did you do this?” I yelled.

“Caleb and me were having a candy fight!” He explained.

“Ugh,” I replied, agitated.

“You’re in a bad mood, today…” Luke trailed off.

“Really? I thought we were having a cute session earlier,” I frowned.

“Whatever,” he muttered.

It was unbelievable how he was reacting knowing that I’m on my job right now and I had to yell at them when it was needed.

“Wear a goddamn snapback and go and perform! I don’t want to get fired!” I yelled really loud.

“Fine! Stop yelling!” He got up in a second and rudely put on a snapback and the boys joined him to go to the stage.

“Don’t mind him, he’ll be fine,” Malcolm assured me as all of them left.

“Dating a guy you have to supervise can be pretty tough, yeah?” Lexie spoke, she was rearranging the changing room.

“Pretty much, he’s so…ugh! One minute he’ll be so cute and nice and the other minute he starts yelling at me,” I frowned.

“It’ll be fine, it seems like you’re the first serious relationship, he’ll get better.”

That made me feel a bit better knowing how he had never felt about anyone like he thinks and feels about me. However me and Luke were, the thing that mattered was, we were together, Right?


“I love you, too!” Malcolm replied, as I clicked a picture of them.

“Thank you for coming!” Caleb greeted her and then she left.

It was really adorable to know how much they loved their fans really made me happy. Even after the thing a few fans tried on me, I chose to just get over it because I did not want Luke to feel like he was asked to choose between the two.

“Oh my god!” A girl cheered as she walked in, “you guys were so good!”

Caleb hugged her, “I’ve missed you so much!

“Me too, Caleb. The fact that mine and Luke’s break up got between our friendship,” She sighed making the situation awkward.

“Uh, yeah, anyway, how are you Lee?” Caleb smiled.

So she was Lisa, and I could say her and Caleb had a close friendship. She seemed fine, I wonder what happened between her and Luke.

They kept talking and I just stood there observing everything. Luke felt really awkward too and I assumed Malcolm didn’t like her because he was least interested.

“And, Luke,” she took a deep breath, “whats up? How’s life?”

“Just fine..” he shrugged, “by the way, Lisa, meet my girlfriend Rachel” he introduced me to her and I waved at her.

“Hey!” She stared at me from head to toe and raised her eyebrow at me, “nice hair,”

“Thanks” I replied.

“Does she not smile?” She looked at me and then Luke and smiled sarcastically.

“Depends on who I’m talking to,” I mocked her.

I could say, I did not like her and I wasn’t even sorry for that.