This story is all about the experiences a son of a servant gains and the modes in life he has to go through before becoming an adult. The feelings he gets while seeing his father obeying the orders of people younger than him. The financial crisis they go through and other innumerable problems.

“Come on baba, today let us go together to work”

“Really, yeahh”

This was the reaction of a four-year-old child who was excited as he was accompanying his father to work that day. He had been after his father for days to take him to his work as his summer vacations was just about to get over and he wished to see his father’s workplace and today finally was the day.

This was literally the happiest day of his life. On the other hand, his father was not that happy. He was a little tense that his son will see the rude behaviour he goes through every single day while serving an affluent family as a domestic worker. Nevertheless, he found himself helpless in front of his son’s innocent eyes and gave in.

Both of them got ready by six in the morning, packed their lunch in a newspaper and left for work around six thirty. Ram (the father and the servant) was supposed to reach at work by six but today he was a little late as his son was not having breakfast early morning and he had to take him out for a walk. He knew that he will be scolded by the master for reporting late.

They reached by seven and how the late hour hand struck one meaning he was late by one hour. And as soon as he entered the house with his kid the master was looking at him furiously. He scolded him for a good fifteen minutes in front of his son, he was very embarrassed but there was nothing he could do as he could not risk his job. He listened to the scolding without uttering a single word and then silently continued the work.

As the time passed the master’s kids were ready to go to school but were delayed because Ram came in late and as a result, their lunchboxes got delayed. They too scolded Ram, he took all the insult with a straight face and then apologized for the delay. During all this work and scolding Ram’s son was just standing in the corner seeing his father with his head down which was a contrast to the lesson he taught to his son that one should always live with head held high.

After nearly eight hours of work, he finally finished his work and went back home with his son sleeping on his shoulder as it was ten in the night and he had school tomorrow. He put him to bed and sat beside his sleeping son thinking about his future and the lack of opportunities that he might have to go through.

This really put him in a situation where he was overloaded with questions.