Tina is a teenager who is very enthusiastic about life and believes in the ‘Mantra’ of universe conspires to make happen everything you in life. She looks at everything from a positive aura and makes surrounding people positive as well. She always circulates positive vibes to everyone. Everyone who is her friend comes to her for taking advice. However, when she is trouble or in a difficult situation it becomes hard for her to go to someone for help. First of all, people make fun of her and tease her instead of helping her. A teenage life includes various different aspects of life which are hard to discuss with parents.

Tina is sitting in her room and relaxing. She receives a text message from an unknown number saying her legs look pretty in her red boxers. She is getting uncomfortable and chooses to ignore the text message. She starts doing her homework to distract herself. Nevertheless, she is unable to concentrate on her homework and tries hard to not react. She goes to the terrace and leaves her phone in her room. She practices yoga on the terrace. Unaware of the fact that someone has their eye on her. She goes on and feels very intoxicated.

After having such good time doing yoga at terrace, she reaches her room with a gay mind. However, the sooner she reaches her mobile phone it has five new text messages. At first she hesitates to even look at those text messages. Later due to curiosity to know how bad it can go she looks at the message. She reads, “So sexy ass”, “Yoga suits you”, “I love your positions”, “Wear red boxers instead of lower, “I had a good time with you.” She feels disgust in every message. She feels damaged and sexually harassed without an assault. There is shame, disgust, hatred and anger in her eyes.

She calls her best friend to share with her what is happening with her. However, when she calls her best friend she finds out that her best friend is crying. She asks her what has happened. Her best friend replies, “I am really sad and I broke up with my boyfriend.” Tina asks her why did you break up and her best friend replies, “He said that I am immature and cries over my broken nail every now and then.” Tina is in a bad mood and shouts on her and says, “What is wrong in that, he is correct and just grow up.” Tina cuts the call and starts crying.

She usually does not cry as her positive attitude towards her life always keeps her happy and in a gay mood. She sits her room while doing nothing and over thinking. She is thinking of being raped while going to school or that person throws acid on her or clicks her naked pictures somehow and exposes her. She is so worried that she lost to keep the track of time. There is a knock on the door and the voice says, “Come down stairs the food is ready.” She comes back from her land of mishaps and says, “In a minute.”

She goes down and as soon as she sits on the dining table the door bell rings. She rushes to open the door as she is expecting her cousins to meet her. She opens the door and here come her lovely cousins and her not so lovely uncle. Though, she greets him with pleasure and starts talking to her cousins right away. The dining table is so alive and freaking with laughter and happiness. When the dinner is over, she insists her cousins to stay with her as it has been so long.

Both her cousins agree to stay and chat all night long. Her uncle also agrees to stay. Her uncle is a property dealer and quite free all the time. His business is not doing well since past two years when his wife died in an accident. Tina’s father tries to engage with him as he has seen him quite a few times around the red light area. Tina’s father is very worries as well because his brother’s daughter is also growing up as well as Tina. Tina’s uncle is a potential threat for young girls and even for Tina’s mother.

Late at night Tina starts receiving disgusting messages again. She completely forgets about these messages while she was in the company of her cousins. Her brother snatches her phone. As to enquire what she is doing and why she is hiding her phone from them. He reads the text message and loses his mind. He asks her what is this and who is this person. She is clueless and starts crying. She hugs her brother and says, “I am receiving these messages from the evening and I do not know who this person is. I did not even reply and I am ignoring these messages. I do not want to involve in anything. I am very afraid of such things.”

Her brother says, “Did you try to report this number or at least try to block this number from sending you messages.” Tina in a weak voice says, “This did not strike my mind at all. I miss being you. You always protect brother. Why do not you come back and live with me brother?” Tina’s brother says, “I am here little girl. I am always here to protect you sweetheart.”

She goes downstairs to grab some water, snacks and sees that his uncle is sitting on the couch and using his phone. Her uncle did not notice her and she goes a little closer and sees that he is texting something to someone and then she notices something. She rushes upstairs without making noise and her heart pounding with worry and fear. She wants to scream but, she cannot scream. She tries to tell but, is unable to tell. She is freaking out. Her brother asks her that what is wrong with her.

She gets her breath and tells his brother and sister that the person who is messaging me is no one else but their father. They both look at her in denial. She says, “Let me prove it to you.” They wake Tina’s father and explain everything to him. They then go downstairs and they call the number and Tina’s uncle’s phone starts to ring. They catch the criminal right away.